Mirror Classic Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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Mirror Classic Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Say sorry 9 letters APOLOGISE
Intone 5 letters CHANT
European river 5 letters RHINE
Maiden name indicator 3 letters NEE
Louse’s egg 3 letters NIT
Aid in crime 4 letters ABET
Peaceful 6 letters SERENE
Thrashes 5 letters BEATS
Announcer 6 letters HERALD
Reverse 4 letters UNDO
Elderly 3 letters OLD
Consumed 3 letters ATE
Confound 5 letters ADDLE
Desist 5 letters CEASE
Compass direction 9 letters NORTHEAST
Aircraft 5 letters PLANE
Stringed instrument 4 letters LUTE
Gemstone 6 letters GARNET
Malice 5 letters SPITE
Pile of rubbish 9 letters SCRAPHEAP
Progressed 9 letters DEVELOPED
Team sport 7 letters NETBALL
Hairy 7 letters HIRSUTE
Miserable 3 letters SAD
First-born 6 letters ELDEST
Riding display 5 letters RODEO
Approaches 5 letters NEARS
Unit of area 4 letters ACRE

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