Mirror Classic Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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Mirror Classic Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Water bird 7 letters PELICAN
Line of equal pressure 6 letters ISOBAR
Articulation 7 letters DICTION
Father 4 letters SIRE
Skeleton part 4 letters BONE
Extent 5 letters AMBIT
Greek deity 4 letters EROS
Military force 4 letters ARMY
Large house 5 letters MANOR
Stair 4 letters STEP
Entreaty 4 letters PLEA
Income 7 letters REVENUE
Clergyman 6 letters RECTOR
Nickname 7 letters EPITHET
Lease 4 letters HIRE
Asian wind 7 letters MONSOON
Military priest 5 letters PADRE
Great Lake 4 letters ERIE
Friendly 8 letters INTIMATE
Number 6 letters NINETY
Rude 8 letters INSOLENT
Undergarment 3 letters BRA
Width 7 letters BREADTH
Rascal 3 letters IMP
Appear 6 letters EMERGE
Semi-frozen rain 5 letters SLEET
Unsullied 4 letters PURE
Nobleman 4 letters LORD

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