Metro Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

Ocean surge 4 letters TIDE
Didn’t We Almost Have __; Whitney Houston song 5 letters ITALL
__ Pet; terra-cotta fad gift 4 letters CHIA
Till drawer stack 4 letters ONES
Noisy brawl 5 letters MELEE
Ladder piece 4 letters RUNG
Baseball’s Mel & his kin 4 letters OTTS
Bubonic plague 10 letters PESTILENCE
Digit 3 letters TOE
Game of chance 4 letters KENO
Sworn statements 5 letters OATHS
Rex & Donna 5 letters REEDS
Notes of the scale 3 letters LAS
Vandalize 6 letters DAMAGE
Freshens 6 letters RENEWS
Haywire 5 letters AMISS
Wingless insects 5 letters FLEAS
Feverish 3 letters HOT
Fuzzy residue 4 letters LINT
Rock climber’s challenge 5 letters CLIFF
Abundant 4 letters RIFE
Ending for Carol or Clement 3 letters INE
Highways 5 letters ROADS
Wicker: Var. 5 letters RATAN
Strangest 6 letters ODDEST
Most rational 6 letters SANEST
One not to be trusted 3 letters RAT
Put on a scale 5 letters WEIGH
Undress 5 letters STRIP
Nice 4 letters KIND
Large tree 3 letters OAK
School record 10 letters TRANSCRIPT
Hey __; Beatles song 4 letters JUDE
Sty cry 4 letters OINK
External 5 letters OUTER
As wise __ owl 4 letters ASAN
Cauldrons 4 letters POTS
Poor 5 letters NEEDY
Jewels 4 letters GEMS
Tap the horn 4 letters TOOT
Very interested in 4 letters INTO
Strong-willed 10 letters DETERMINED
Tee’s forerunner 3 letters ESS
Get in the way of 6 letters IMPEDE
Adolescents 5 letters TEENS
Furthermore 4 letters ALSO
__ Me Call You Sweetheart 3 letters LET
Ring of flowers 3 letters LEI
Fold line 6 letters CREASE
Actress Helen 4 letters HUNT
Foot part 4 letters INCH
Quite a while 4 letters AGES
Cash advances 5 letters LOANS
Beer containers 4 letters KEGS
__ of Eden; James Dean film 4 letters EAST
Tree dropping 4 letters LEAF
Artist Salvador 4 letters DALI
__ acids; units that make up proteins 5 letters AMINO
Game officials for short 4 letters REFS
Home for Joe & Jill 10 letters WHITEHOUSE
Divans 5 letters SOFAS
Musical symbol 4 letters FLAT
Pot cover 3 letters LID
Circus shelter 4 letters TENT
Expense 4 letters COST
Pushed the doorbell 4 letters RANG
Brings in the harvest 5 letters REAPS
Attack 4 letters RAID
Beverages 6 letters DRINKS
Guard 6 letters SENTRY
__ away; erased 5 letters WIPED
Go no further 4 letters STOP
The Bee Gees or Nirvana 4 letters TRIO
Carry on 4 letters RANT
Flying toy 4 letters KITE
Eden evictee 4 letters ADAM
Griffey Sr. & Griffey Jr. 4 letters KENS
Felon 3 letters CON
Poe’s Murders in the __ Morgue 3 letters RUE
Coughing spell 3 letters JAG

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