Metro Crossword September 27 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword September 27 2021 Answers:

Cain’s victim 4 letters ABEL
Aquarium buildup 4 letters SCUM
Fellow 4 letters CHAP
Treat with respect 5 letters HONOR
Apple pie recipe verb 4 letters PARE
Frau’s husband 4 letters HERR
Quarrel 5 letters ARGUE
Dog school focus 9 letters OBEDIENCE
Arthur of TV 3 letters BEA
Small number 3 letters TWO
Like formal attire 6 letters DRESSY
Response to a corny joke 5 letters GROAN
__ Angeles 3 letters LOS
Ted Danson sitcom 6 letters CHEERS
Movie theater 6 letters CINEMA
Maximum amount 5 letters LIMIT
Bank offerings 5 letters LOANS
So. state 3 letters ALA
Large appliance 4 letters OVEN
Part of YMCA 5 letters YOUNG
Dull companion 4 letters DRIP
TV room perhaps 3 letters DEN
Bee and Em 5 letters AUNTS
Hippie’s greeting 5 letters PEACE
Constant; unchanging 6 letters STABLE
Signs of affection 6 letters KISSES
Gout site 3 letters TOE
Infant’s ailment 5 letters COLIC
Well-seasoned stew 6 letters RAGOUT
Lube’s partner in phrase 3 letters OIL
Sandwich meat 3 letters HAM
Exactly alike 9 letters IDENTICAL
Ascend 5 letters ARISE
Great __; tall dog 4 letters DANE
Small fruit 4 letters DATE
__ failure; reason for dialysis 5 letters RENAL
Looks at 4 letters EYES
American __; ND’s state trees 4 letters ELMS
__ Be Cruel; Elvis song 4 letters DONT
Gregory Peck’s Moby Dick role 4 letters AHAB
Drill a hole 4 letters BORE
Betrothal 10 letters ENGAGEMENT
Singer Rawls 3 letters LOU
Baby’s utensil 5 letters SPOON
Taxi 3 letters CAB
Suffix for press or text 3 letters URE
Like a busybody 8 letters MEDDLING
Swiss or American 6 letters CHEESE
Barnyard birds 4 letters HENS
Rainbow shapes 4 letters ARCS
Hunted animal 4 letters PREY
Witty reply 6 letters RETORT
Removes wrinkles 5 letters IRONS
Fuzzy Wuzzy __ a bearÉ 3 letters WAS
Equestrian’s control 4 letters REIN
Lump of dirt 4 letters CLOD
Allergic skin reaction 5 letters HIVES
Tuna containers 4 letters CANS
__ cherry; mai tai garnish 10 letters MARASCHINO
Mrs. Ralph Kramden 5 letters ALICE
The __ Ranger 4 letters LONE
Umpire’s cry 3 letters OUT
Jungle beasts 4 letters APES
Christmas season 8 letters YULETIDE
Mr. Arnaz 4 letters DESI
Pertaining to 5 letters ABOUT
Post 6 letters PILLAR
Observes Yom Kippur 6 letters ATONES
Colorful pond fish 3 letters KOI
Nat and Natalie 5 letters COLES
Hitchhiker’s hope 4 letters RIDE
Forever and __; very long time 4 letters ADAY
Kelly or Siskel 4 letters GENE
As straight __ arrow 4 letters ASAN
Dissolve 4 letters MELT
Coolidge to friends 3 letters CAL
Source of quick cash 3 letters ATM
Skelton for one 3 letters RED

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