Metro Crossword September 26 2020 Answers

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Metro Crossword September 26 2020 Answers:

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Little Women girl 3 letters AMY
Tropical island trees 5 letters PALMS
Likelihood 4 letters ODDS
No longer alive 4 letters DEAD
Apparent 5 letters OVERT
Lacerated 4 letters TORE
Business transaction 4 letters SALE
Fonda or Finch 5 letters PETER
Talk up; promote 4 letters TOUT
Bandit of the Old West 9 letters DESPERADO
Coat parts 4 letters ARMS
__ for; buys 4 letters PAYS
Precept 3 letters LAW
Have high hopes 6 letters ASPIRE
Fall down 8 letters COLLAPSE
MapQuest suggestion 5 letters ROUTE
Rosé & Riesling 5 letters WINES
Spring month: abbr. 3 letters APR
Battering wind 4 letters GALE
African nation 5 letters NIGER
Leading lady 4 letters STAR
Close-__; zoomed-in shots 3 letters UPS
Ice cream concoctions 5 letters SODAS
Princess Charlotte to Harry 5 letters NIECE
Cosmetic kit item 8 letters EYELINER
__ around; gave orders to 6 letters BOSSED
Roll-__; deodorants often 3 letters ONS
One of three tenses 4 letters PAST
Cougar 4 letters PUMA
In another place 9 letters ELSEWHERE
__ incline; slanted 4 letters ONAN
Neighbor of India 5 letters NEPAL
Lion’s cry 4 letters ROAR
Take a fancy to 4 letters LIKE
Hollandaise for one 5 letters SAUCE
Unexceptional 4 letters SOSO
__ the Rainbow 4 letters OVER
Stopped 5 letters ENDED
1-800-Flowers competitor 3 letters FTD
Want __; newspaper section 3 letters ADS
Anthropologist Margaret 4 letters MEAD
Ivy League school 4 letters YALE
Olive lover 6 letters POPEYE
Declares positively 5 letters AVERS
__ Smile Be Your Umbrella 4 letters LETA
Talking horse 4 letters MRED
Baby transport 8 letters STROLLER
Canada’s capital 6 letters OTTAWA
Entryway 4 letters DOOR
Percussion instrument 4 letters DRUM
__ upon; attacks 4 letters SETS
Regardless of 7 letters DESPITE
Remove apple skins 4 letters PARE
Lou Gehrig’s disease 3 letters ALS
Bicker 5 letters ARGUE
Like a bubble bath 5 letters SOAPY
Sign of life 5 letters PULSE
Groucho’s prop 5 letters CIGAR
Small bills 4 letters ONES
Cracker spreads 5 letters PATES
Part of NASA 5 letters SPACE
Got it wrong 5 letters ERRED
W in shoe sizes 4 letters WIDE
Foolishness 8 letters NONSENSE
Nuns 7 letters SISTERS
Stealing or coveting 3 letters SIN
Have a snack 4 letters NOSH
Temporary car 6 letters LOANER
Cried hard 6 letters BAWLED
Calmness 5 letters PEACE
Explorer Marco 4 letters POLO
Duke or Rice: abbr. 4 letters UNIV
Manufacture 4 letters MAKE
Containing very little fat 4 letters LEAN
Potato 4 letters SPUD
Santa’s landing spot 4 letters ROOF
Sunrise direction 4 letters EAST
Fishing pole 3 letters ROD

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