Metro Crossword September 25 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword September 25 2021 Answers:

Singer Tillis 3 letters MEL
Opened one’s eyes 5 letters AWOKE
__ A; ambitious personality 4 letters TYPE
Student’s ordeal 4 letters EXAM
William Jennings __; loser to McKinley 5 letters BRYAN
Circle dance 4 letters HORA
Midmorning 4 letters NINE
Paper money 5 letters BILLS
Peepers 4 letters EYES
Neighbor of Kentucky 9 letters TENNESSEE
Reproduction 4 letters COPY
Reason to study 4 letters TEST
Business deg. 3 letters MBA
Come __; find 6 letters ACROSS
Thwart deliberately 8 letters SABOTAGE
Item of clothing 5 letters SHIRT
__ over; ponders 5 letters MULLS
__ Jose CA 3 letters SAN
Female birds 4 letters HENS
__-eyed; very observant 5 letters EAGLE
Noisy 4 letters LOUD
Suffix for count or lion 3 letters ESS
Soothe as another’s fears 5 letters ALLAY
Stick out 5 letters BULGE
Not as wobbly 8 letters STEADIER
Gave shape to 6 letters MOLDED
Swamp 3 letters BOG
No longer hungry 4 letters FULL
Jeremiah __ bullfrogÉ 4 letters WASA
Vital 9 letters IMPORTANT
Lie next to 4 letters ABUT
Facial hair 5 letters BEARD
Deadly reptiles 4 letters BOAS
Run away 4 letters FLEE
Cyclist Armstrong 5 letters LANCE
Part of an egg 4 letters YOLK
Cruz & others 4 letters TEDS
Word of welcome 5 letters ENTER
Door opener 3 letters KEY
Guys 3 letters MEN
Leave the stage 4 letters EXIT
Superman’s Lois 4 letters LANE
Mother superior 6 letters ABBESS
Place for a watch 5 letters WRIST
Olive & her brother Castor 4 letters OYLS
__ smoothie; healthy shake 4 letters KALE
Musical group 8 letters ENSEMBLE
Seuss’ __ in the Hat 6 letters THECAT
Ma for one 4 letters YOYO
Make ready for surgery 4 letters PREP
Effortless 4 letters EASY
Trusted advisers 7 letters MENTORS
Home of twigs 4 letters NEST
Derek & Diddley 3 letters BOS
Blaze residue 5 letters ASHES
Torso 5 letters CHEST
Wash off soapsuds 5 letters RINSE
Cake ingredient 5 letters SUGAR
Actress Sheedy 4 letters ALLY
__ as the hills 5 letters ASOLD
Shotgun caliber 5 letters GAUGE
Concluded 5 letters ENDED
Gender 4 letters MALE
Qualified to be chosen 8 letters ELIGIBLE
Night song 7 letters LULLABY
Needless bother 3 letters ADO
Leave suddenly 4 letters BOLT
Subsides 6 letters ABATES
Homicide 6 letters MURDER
Part of USAF 5 letters FORCE
Float on the wind 4 letters WAFT
Isn’t __ to; can’t 4 letters ABLE
Dragged into court 4 letters SUED
Signify 4 letters MEAN
Huff and puff 4 letters PANT
Room recess 4 letters NOOK
Story 4 letters TALE
Heaven above 3 letters SKY

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