Metro Crossword September 24 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword September 24 2021 Answers:

James Bond for one 3 letters SPY
Fragment of paper 5 letters SCRAP
__ supports; Dr. Scholl’s product 4 letters ARCH
My Country ‘Tis of __ 4 letters THEE
Crow or Choctaw 5 letters TRIBE
Part of a Hawaiian tour itinerary 4 letters LUAU
Decays 4 letters ROTS
Bitterness 10 letters RESENTMENT
Up until now 3 letters YET
Looks for 5 letters SEEKS
Mother’s Day gift often 5 letters ROSES
Aggravated 5 letters IRKED
Dads 3 letters PAS
Trickery 6 letters DECEIT
Stringed instrument 6 letters GUITAR
Flat-headed golf clubs 5 letters IRONS
Rotate rapidly 5 letters WHIRL
My Big __ Greek Wedding 3 letters FAT
Bug that you swat 4 letters GNAT
Strainer 5 letters SIEVE
Recipe verb 4 letters STIR
Take a breather 3 letters SIT
Use foul language 5 letters CURSE
Uppsala resident 5 letters SWEDE
Make a run for it 6 letters ESCAPE
Like one with laryngitis 6 letters HOARSE
Fleur-de-__; lily 3 letters LIS
Gathers crops 5 letters REAPS
Hate 5 letters ABHOR
Seal up cracks 5 letters CAULK
Soil turner 3 letters HOE
Moderately priced 10 letters REASONABLE
One of the Three Bears 4 letters PAPA
Mare hair 4 letters MANE
Actor Tim __ 5 letters ALLEN
__ the top; excessive 4 letters OVER
Lather 4 letters SUDS
God __ America 5 letters BLESS
Cub Scout group 3 letters DEN
If the __ fitsÉ 4 letters SHOE
Underskirts 10 letters PETTICOATS
Simple reply 3 letters YES
Part of an address 6 letters STREET
Believer’s prayer 5 letters CREED
Put in danger 4 letters RISK
Fortas & Vigoda 4 letters ABES
Bic product 3 letters PEN
Just about 6 letters ALMOST
Has remorse for 4 letters RUES
Oldster’s support 4 letters CANE
Shacks 4 letters HUTS
Give it a go 3 letters TRY
Mountain road 5 letters TRAIL
Alpine lodge rentals 4 letters SKIS
Torn in two 4 letters RENT
As __ as the driven snow 4 letters PURE
Likes hippie-style 4 letters DIGS
Sesame Street character 5 letters ERNIE
__ away; donate 4 letters GIVE
Afta or English Leather 10 letters AFTERSHAVE
Military attacks 5 letters RAIDS
Metal thread 4 letters WIRE
__ Just Not That Into You; 2009 film 3 letters HES
End of each Twelve Days of Christmas verse 4 letters TREE
Dines 4 letters SUPS
Trade 4 letters SWAP
Capital on the Nile 5 letters CAIRO
Saturate 4 letters SOAK
Glenn & Eric 6 letters CLOSES
WA’s Mount St. __ 6 letters HELENS
Reigns 5 letters RULES
Up in __; irate 4 letters ARMS
Suitor 4 letters BEAU
Palm’s place 4 letters HAND
Summon 4 letters CALL
Up to the task 4 letters ABLE
__ house; realtor’s event 4 letters OPEN
Word attached to drum or mark 3 letters EAR
Capture 3 letters NAB
Veggie casing 3 letters POD

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