Metro Crossword September 14 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword September 14 2021 Answers:

Afternoon socials 4 letters TEAS
Scatter 5 letters STREW
Con game 4 letters SCAM
Engrossed 4 letters RAPT
Prefix for action or plant 5 letters TRANS
Book leaf 4 letters PAGE
Catch a glimpse of 4 letters ESPY
Called to mind 10 letters REMEMBERED
Place for an iris 3 letters EYE
Unfair slant 4 letters BIAS
Bamboo shoots 5 letters REEDS
Religious pamphlet 5 letters TRACT
One of the Seven Dwarfs 3 letters DOC
Man of the cloth 6 letters PRIEST
Systematic procedure 6 letters METHOD
Leaks out 5 letters OOZES
Cobbler fruit 5 letters PEACH
Compete 3 letters VIE
End-of-the-work-week cry 4 letters TGIF
Candid 5 letters FRANK
Declare false 4 letters DENY
Source of light 3 letters SUN
Couples 5 letters PAIRS
Threshold 5 letters VERGE
Self-centeredness 6 letters EGOISM
Passes on as a message 6 letters RELAYS
Nixon or Robertson 3 letters PAT
__-depressive; bipolar 5 letters MANIC
Fluttering tree 5 letters ASPEN
Cool one’s heels 4 letters WAIT
Spanish uncle 3 letters TIO
Safari sighting 10 letters RHINOCEROS
San JosŽ Costa __ 4 letters RICA
Nursery rhyme king 4 letters COLE
In the loop 5 letters AWARE
Bowled __; gobsmacked 4 letters OVER
__ on to; didn’t give away 4 letters HELD
Lukewarm 5 letters TEPID
Marries 4 letters WEDS
Shade provider 4 letters TREE
Simple 4 letters EASY
Yummy-looking 10 letters APPETIZING
Animal enclosure 3 letters STY
Like a no-nonsense teacher 6 letters STRICT
Trick or __! 5 letters TREAT
Los Angeles team 4 letters RAMS
90 degrees from NNW 3 letters ENE
Playwright Maugham’s initials 3 letters WSM
Oration 6 letters SPEECH
Part of TLC 4 letters CARE
Getting on in years 4 letters AGED
Pills & such 4 letters MEDS
Thin soup 5 letters BROTH
Bony fish 4 letters BASS
Coral ridge 4 letters REEF
Package of cards 4 letters DECK
Cook’s supply 4 letters POTS
Scoundrel 5 letters ROGUE
No-__-land; area between armies 4 letters MANS
Hyper 10 letters OVERACTIVE
Dark dull & dirty 5 letters DINGY
Straitlaced 4 letters PRIM
Word attached to drums or drops 3 letters EAR
Needle holes 4 letters EYES
Hasty 4 letters FAST
Supermarket section 4 letters DELI
Spinet for one 5 letters PIANO
Express pent-up feelings 4 letters VENT
Unlocked 6 letters OPENED
Brought up as kids 6 letters RAISED
New Zealand native 5 letters MAORI
Part of the foot 4 letters ARCH
Clog or loafer 4 letters SHOE
Nuprin or aspirin 4 letters PILL
Envelop 4 letters WRAP
__ tea 4 letters ICED
Doesn’t have both __ in the water 4 letters OARS
Tabby 3 letters CAT
Lamb bearer 3 letters EWE
Argument 3 letters ROW

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