Metro Crossword October 31 2020 Answers

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Metro Crossword October 31 2020 Answers:

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Lots and lots 4 letters MANY
Illegal rackets 5 letters SCAMS
Prefix for enemy or diocese 4 letters ARCH
Worked on a cake 4 letters ICED
Singer Lopez 5 letters TRINI
Morally despicable 4 letters VILE
National League team 4 letters METS
Truly sorry 10 letters REMORSEFUL
Suffix for organ or balloon 3 letters IST
Angry cat’s sound 4 letters HISS
Scumbag 5 letters CREEP
Jumped 5 letters LEAPT
Distress signal 3 letters SOS
Defeats soundly 6 letters CREAMS
Loathe 6 letters DETEST
Removes from power 5 letters OUSTS
Skirt fold 5 letters PLEAT
Novak or Kardashian 3 letters KIM
Paid athletes 4 letters PROS
Young hog 5 letters SHOAT
Give a job to 4 letters HIRE
Flood preventer 3 letters DAM
Not moving 5 letters STILL
Shoe bottoms 5 letters SOLES
Deadly 6 letters LETHAL
Reprimands 6 letters SCOLDS
On the __; broadcasting 3 letters AIR
Overload as a suitcase 5 letters STUFF
Skier’s surface 5 letters SLOPE
Thailand once 4 letters SIAM
Word of disgust 3 letters UGH
Wallet contents 10 letters PAPERMONEY
Actress Sheedy 4 letters ALLY
__ There; George M. Cohan song 4 letters OVER
Shortstop’s hand protector 5 letters GLOVE
Smack 4 letters SLAP
Sunbathes 4 letters TANS
Made kitten noises 5 letters MEWED
__ Park NY; FDR’s hometown 4 letters HYDE
Actress Kennedy 4 letters MIMI
Big spades 4 letters ACES
Irritating 10 letters NETTLESOME
Linear measures: abbr. 3 letters YDS
Undresses 6 letters STRIPS
Toothpaste brand 5 letters CREST
Goals 4 letters AIMS
Letters on phone button 6 3 letters MNO
Knight’s title 3 letters SIR
Unwilling 6 letters AVERSE
Plentiful 4 letters RIFE
Helpful hint 4 letters CLUE
Beatles movie 4 letters HELP
Bakula or Baio 5 letters SCOTT
Show-offs 4 letters HAMS
Gobbles up 4 letters EATS
Bench or chair 4 letters SEAT
Chronic lung disease 4 letters COPD
Of the countryside 5 letters RURAL
Business agreement 4 letters DEAL
In an competent way 10 letters SKILLFULLY
Fatigued 5 letters TIRED
Golfer Mickelson 4 letters PHIL
Response to a chat room pun 3 letters LOL
Make a __; clutter up 4 letters MESS
Little night light 4 letters STAR
Dobbin’s foot 4 letters HOOF
More bashful 5 letters SHIER
Bathtub ring e.g. 4 letters SCUM
Becomes narrower 6 letters TAPERS
Stuck around 6 letters STAYED
Sifting device 5 letters SIEVE
Laundry problem 4 letters SPOT
Molten rock 4 letters LAVA
Unlocked 4 letters OPEN
Weather forecast 4 letters SNOW
Plastic wrap brand 4 letters GLAD
Excessive publicity 4 letters HYPE
The Wizard of Oz production co. 3 letters MGM
Grand __ Opry 3 letters OLE
Good wood for tool handles 3 letters ASH

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