Metro Crossword October 30 2020 Answers

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Metro Crossword October 30 2020 Answers:

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Carve in glass 4 letters ETCH
Use an ax 4 letters CHOP
Out of harm’s way 4 letters SAFE
Fragrance 5 letters AROMA
Bring up the __; be last 4 letters REAR
Queen for __ of old TV 4 letters ADAY
Mister in M‡laga 5 letters SENOR
Weave together 9 letters INTERLACE
Man’s nickname 3 letters TED
Tease 3 letters RIB
Ill-fated 6 letters DOOMED
Buck of country music 5 letters OWENS
Words before a honeymoon 3 letters IDO
Suitcase 6 letters VALISE
Beautiful to view 6 letters SCENIC
Representative 5 letters AGENT
Dwarf planet 5 letters PLUTO
Bernie for one 3 letters MAC
Opposite of nuts 4 letters SANE
Goes before others 5 letters LEADS
Nimble 4 letters SPRY
__ Tac; breath mint 3 letters TIC
Daytime serials 5 letters SOAPS
Gerald & Betty 5 letters FORDS
Thick juice 6 letters NECTAR
Woods 6 letters FOREST
Monopoly token 3 letters HAT
Longs 5 letters PINES
Knock it off! 6 letters ENOUGH
Conjunction 3 letters AND
Request for silence 3 letters SHH
Stuck-up 9 letters CONCEITED
Foreign farewell 5 letters ADIEU
Leave at a pawn shop 4 letters HOCK
Nigh 4 letters NEAR
Amputate 5 letters SEVER
Least valuable bills 4 letters ONES
Backyard access 4 letters GATE
Water source 4 letters WELL
Compass direction 4 letters EAST
Nursery purchase 4 letters TREE
Sympathetic sorrow 10 letters CONDOLENCE
Med. plan 3 letters HMO
Baby beds 5 letters CRIBS
Chicken’s ma 3 letters HEN
Granola bit 3 letters OAT
Foretells 8 letters PREDICTS
Bar 6 letters SALOON
Eve’s man 4 letters ADAM
Come to grips with 4 letters FACE
Black-__ peas 4 letters EYED
Take into 6 letters ARREST
Cowboys’ competition 5 letters RODEO
Ending for Jan or Joseph 3 letters INE
Relaxing drink 4 letters WINE
Extensive 4 letters VAST
Once more 5 letters AGAIN
Bubble bath topper 4 letters SUDS
Remarkable; superb 10 letters IMPRESSIVE
Aces & deuces 5 letters CARDS
Bosc or Bartlett 4 letters PEAR
Living in the __ of luxury 3 letters LAP
Usually benign growth 4 letters CYST
Hatred 8 letters LOATHING
__ as a boil 4 letters SORE
Part of a theater 5 letters STAGE
Henry & Peter 6 letters FONDAS
Connors & Norris 6 letters CHUCKS
Fish’s appendage 3 letters FIN
Man of the cloth 5 letters PADRE
Resound 4 letters ECHO
End of the morning 4 letters NOON
__ or twice; seldom 4 letters ONCE
Command to Fido 4 letters HEEL
Throw 4 letters HURL
Actress Leoni 3 letters TEA
Consume 3 letters EAT
Drops in the morning 3 letters DEW

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