Metro Crossword October 23 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword October 23 2021 Answers:

Larry __ & Curly Joe 3 letters MOE
Linda Lavin role 5 letters ALICE
Boston __ chowder 4 letters CLAM
Freeway entance 4 letters RAMP
Malt shop orders 5 letters SODAS
Vagabond 4 letters HOBO
Mix in a bowl 4 letters STIR
Dozed 5 letters SLEPT
Essential __; aromatherapy bottles 4 letters OILS
Enliven; energize 9 letters STIMULATE
Snake eyes in a casino 4 letters ONES
Train units 4 letters CARS
Suffix for count or baron 3 letters ESS
Hen’s noise 6 letters CACKLE
Some sled dogs 8 letters SAMOYEDS
The Thrill of __; Doris Day film 5 letters ITALL
Walks the floor 5 letters PACES
Hoover or Grand Coulee 3 letters DAM
Bloody 4 letters GORY
Laid concrete 5 letters PAVED
Classic board game 4 letters LIFE
War __ Peace 3 letters AND
Bawls 5 letters CRIES
Comforting drink 5 letters COCOA
Lifesavers 8 letters RESCUERS
As a __ of fact; actually 6 letters MATTER
Record speed letters 3 letters RPM
Thick metal fastener 4 letters BOLT
City in Texas 4 letters WACO
Flawed 9 letters IMPERFECT
Needs medical help 4 letters AILS
Largest U.S. retailer in the 1980s 5 letters SEARS
Santa’s landing place 4 letters ROOF
Dull in color 4 letters DRAB
Bird of prey 5 letters EAGLE
Meditative exercise 4 letters YOGA
Get a glimpse of 4 letters ESPY
Iron alloy 5 letters STEEL
Young fellow 3 letters LAD
Post-wedding abbr. 3 letters MRS
Dobbin’s dinner 4 letters OATS
Discharge as fumes 4 letters EMIT
Give confidence to 6 letters ASSURE
Lounges around 5 letters LOLLS
Thought 4 letters IDEA
Nav. bigwig 4 letters CAPT
Highly respected 8 letters ESTEEMED
Finicky 6 letters CHOOSY
Cut of pork 4 letters LOIN
Competent 4 letters ABLE
Velvety ground cover 4 letters MOSS
Like a rosebush 7 letters PRICKLY
Window shopper’s milieu 4 letters MALL
Scouring pad brand 3 letters SOS
Groucho’s prop 5 letters CIGAR
Do penance 5 letters ATONE
Jacks & jokers 5 letters CARDS
Builds up a nest egg 5 letters SAVES
Experts 4 letters ACES
King’s decree 5 letters EDICT
Actor Willem 5 letters DAFOE
Tarnish another’s reputation 5 letters SMEAR
Matching twosome 4 letters PAIR
Land & buildings on it 8 letters PREMISES
Chance to get rich 7 letters LOTTERY
Half-pint 3 letters CUP
Part of the leg 4 letters CALF
Bing __ 6 letters CROSBY
Tidbit 6 letters MORSEL
TV’s Milton 5 letters BERLE
Get your feet wet 4 letters WADE
Haughtiness 4 letters AIRS
Show approval 4 letters CLAP
Vegan’s no-no 4 letters MEAT
Knight’s gofer 4 letters PAGE
Groovy! 4 letters COOL
Caesar’s garb 4 letters TOGA
Passing craze 3 letters FAD

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