Metro Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

__ Goes the Weasel 3 letters POP
Drill instructor’s order 5 letters MARCH
A Farewell to __; Hemingway novel 4 letters ARMS
__ about; go gaga over 4 letters RAVE
Lithe 5 letters AGILE
Kamala for short 4 letters VEEP
Out in the __; exposed 4 letters OPEN
Think about again 10 letters RECONSIDER
__ none; without exception 3 letters BAR
Like school binder paper 5 letters LINED
Quick 5 letters HASTY
Fragrance 5 letters SCENT
Word with bull or stop 3 letters PIT
Remove from power 6 letters DEPOSE
Tendons 6 letters SINEWS
Appliance department display 5 letters OVENS
Pouting 5 letters MOPEY
Ram’s mate 3 letters EWE
Cold and damp 4 letters DANK
Monetary penalties 5 letters FINES
Tearful request 4 letters PLEA
TV’s The __ Couple 3 letters ODD
Heap 5 letters PILED
Peeves 5 letters RILES
Real __; Century 21’s business 6 letters ESTATE
Powerful 6 letters MIGHTY
Jolson & Unser 3 letters ALS
Yellowstone grazer 5 letters MOOSE
Walk off with 5 letters SWIPE
Mink’s cousin 5 letters STOAT
Last one in’s a rotten __! 3 letters EGG
Bad cut 10 letters LACERATION
Pooch pest 4 letters FLEA
Superior to 4 letters OVER
Man of the cloth 5 letters PADRE
Camper’s shelter 4 letters TENT
Takes the plunge 4 letters WEDS
Cornered 5 letters TREED
20th-century president for short 3 letters DDE
Dad 4 letters PAPA
Blows the budget 10 letters OVERSPENDS
Hotel freebie 3 letters PEN
Lance corporal for one 6 letters MARINE
Representative 5 letters AGENT
Kellogg’s __ Krispies 4 letters RICE
Oaf 4 letters CLOD
Clucker 3 letters HEN
Fly a plane 6 letters AVIATE
Cincinnati team 4 letters REDS
Bump into 4 letters MEET
Like a gymnast 4 letters SPRY
Actor Morrow 3 letters ROB
Gleaming 5 letters SHINY
__ than ideal; not the best 4 letters LESS
Bop on the head 4 letters CONK
Baked goods 4 letters PIES
Birdbrain 4 letters DODO
Avoid detection by 5 letters EVADE
Earned a ticket 4 letters SPED
Rich 10 letters WELLHEELED
Swing Low __ Chariot 5 letters SWEET
Odometer measure 4 letters MILE
Five squared minus two dozen 3 letters ONE
Not complicated 4 letters EASY
Temper tantrums 4 letters FITS
Squealers 4 letters PIGS
Not as vivid in color 5 letters PALER
Hilarious person 4 letters RIOT
Narrow candles 6 letters TAPERS
Made sounds of pain 6 letters MOANED
Mary Tyler __ 5 letters MOORE
Sluggish 4 letters SLOW
__ at; greet from a distance 4 letters WAVE
Frosted 4 letters ICED
Name in lights 4 letters STAR
Surfer’s concern 4 letters TIDE
Trait carrier 4 letters GENE
Gangster’s gun 3 letters GAT
Tenement bldg. unit 3 letters APT
1-800-Flowers competitor 3 letters FTD

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