Metro Crossword October 21 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword October 21 2021 Answers:

Item for Jack & Jill 4 letters PAIL
Biblical bread from heaven 5 letters MANNA
Word attached to tear or rain 4 letters DROP
Prom transport 4 letters LIMO
Figure of speech 5 letters IDIOM
Rant and __ 4 letters RAVE
Lawn trees 4 letters ELMS
Gives up 10 letters SACRIFICES
As flat __ pancake 3 letters ASA
Racing sled 4 letters LUGE
Keep from happening 5 letters AVERT
The ones over there 5 letters THOSE
Sault __. Marie 3 letters STE
Actor Tom 6 letters CRUISE
Pines 6 letters YEARNS
Brass instruments 5 letters HORNS
Barge hazard 5 letters SHOAL
Is __ to; probably will 3 letters APT
Fail to mention 4 letters OMIT
Wild weather 5 letters STORM
Hoopla; uproar 4 letters STIR
Beloved animal 3 letters PET
On __; in the spotlight 5 letters STAGE
Complain childishly 5 letters WHINE
__ stew; creamy white soup 6 letters OYSTER
Select 6 letters CHOOSE
Haw’s partner in phrase 3 letters HEM
Martin or Charlie 5 letters SHEEN
Hiawatha’s boat 5 letters CANOE
Fava or lima 4 letters BEAN
1939-45 event 3 letters WAR
Vanquishes 10 letters OVERPOWERS
Mastercard alternative 4 letters VISA
Muddy slush 4 letters MIRE
Depart 5 letters LEAVE
Sandler or Brody 4 letters ADAM
Chances 4 letters ODDS
Stopped 5 letters ENDED
Part of the eye 4 letters LENS
__ bargain; defendant’s deal 4 letters PLEA
Falls ill 4 letters AILS
Childishness 10 letters IMMATURITY
__ Alamos NM 3 letters LOS
Utilize incorrectly 6 letters MISUSE
Old saying 5 letters ADAGE
Pleasant 4 letters NICE
Eur. nation 3 letters NOR
Foreign friend 3 letters AMI
Minnie for one 6 letters DRIVER
Track-and-field event 4 letters RACE
__ my dead body! 4 letters OVER
Nuisance 4 letters PEST
Deadly 5 letters FATAL
Gambler’s woe 4 letters LOSS
Helpful suggestion 4 letters HINT
__ ripper; tailor’s item 4 letters SEAM
Use an ax 4 letters CHOP
Shakespearean lover 5 letters ROMEO
Days of __; ancient times 4 letters YORE
From coast to coast 10 letters NATIONWIDE
Rotates 5 letters SPINS
Oscar hopeful 4 letters STAR
Greedy person 3 letters HOG
Yuletide ornament holder 4 letters TREE
Flower stalk 4 letters STEM
Sneaker or clog 4 letters SHOE
Hard to climb 5 letters STEEP
Bit of invitation info 4 letters WHEN
Seacoasts 6 letters SHORES
Ran after 6 letters CHASED
Begin a tennis game 5 letters SERVE
Singer Perry 4 letters COMO
Passionate 4 letters AVID
Not the coolest kid in school 4 letters NERD
Rosary piece 4 letters BEAD
As bald __ eagle 4 letters ASAN
Crashes into 4 letters RAMS
Bullring shout 3 letters OLE
Actress Ming-Na __ 3 letters WEN
Actor Kilmer 3 letters VAL

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