Metro Crossword October 16 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword October 16 2021 Answers:

TV’s __ the Nation 4 letters FACE
__ by; supported 5 letters STOOD
Nudge 4 letters PROD
I’m __ late and a dollar short 4 letters ADAY
Texter’s need 5 letters PHONE
Down the __; at a future date 4 letters LINE
Unusual 4 letters RARE
Remorse 10 letters REPENTANCE
English letters 3 letters EMS
Youngsters 4 letters KIDS
Easy __; Peter Fonda film 5 letters RIDER
Sorority letter 5 letters OMEGA
Restroom door word 3 letters MEN
Passenger ships 6 letters LINERS
Cuts of beef 6 letters ROASTS
Boxer De La Hoya 5 letters OSCAR
Rose Parade entry 5 letters FLOAT
FedEx rival 3 letters UPS
Fishing worm 4 letters BAIT
Slumbered 5 letters SLEPT
Abbr. in some high school names 4 letters PREP
Sup 3 letters EAT
Virginia for one 5 letters STATE
Small restaurant 5 letters DINER
Young swan 6 letters CYGNET
Illness 6 letters MALADY
Unrefined 3 letters RAW
Paramour 5 letters LOVER
Poe or Bergen 5 letters EDGAR
Garden access 4 letters GATE
Mistaken 3 letters OFF
Nonsense! 10 letters BALDERDASH
Largest tribe in South Africa 4 letters ZULU
Little Boy __ come blow your hornÉ 4 letters BLUE
Self-assurance 5 letters POISE
Burden 4 letters ONUS
Chocolate candy store 4 letters SEES
Grand home 5 letters MANOR
Poems of praise 4 letters ODES
Cost to ride 4 letters FARE
Abel’s pa 4 letters ADAM
U.S. state capital 10 letters CARSONCITY
Place for an iris 3 letters EYE
Bits of parsley 6 letters SPRIGS
Bara of the silents 5 letters THEDA
Fumbler’s word 4 letters OOPS
Late bedtime 3 letters ONE
Animal’s hideaway 3 letters DEN
Treeless expanses 6 letters PLAINS
Watermelon casing 4 letters RIND
Back in the day 4 letters ONCE
Forest animal 4 letters DEER
Special goody 5 letters TREAT
Actress Deborah 4 letters KERR
Source of protein 4 letters MEAT
Castle protection 4 letters MOAT
Frontal __; part of the brain 4 letters LOBE
Sir __ Newton 5 letters ISAAC
Mountaineer’s need 4 letters ROPE
Do a 180 10 letters TURNAROUND
Miles per hour 5 letters SPEED
Not singing in tune 4 letters FLAT
Allow 3 letters LET
Light on one’s feet 4 letters SPRY
One-dish meal 4 letters STEW
Stack 4 letters PILE
Catch in a trap 5 letters SNARE
Actor Annable 4 letters DAVE
School transcript entries 6 letters GRADES
Goose or Hubbard 6 letters MOTHER
Lariat 5 letters LASSO
Decreases 4 letters EBBS
Valley 4 letters DALE
Stickum 4 letters GLUE
Put on weight 4 letters GAIN
Chimney pipe 4 letters FLUE
Make a scene 4 letters FUSS
Record letters 3 letters RPM
__ number on; treat badly 3 letters DOA
Bronx tourist stop 3 letters ZOO

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