Metro Crossword October 15 2020 Answers

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Metro Crossword October 15 2020 Answers:

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NFL official 3 letters REF
__ crow flies; in a straight line 5 letters ASTHE
Bathtub ring e.g. 4 letters SCUM
Rower’s items 4 letters OARS
Piece of silverware 5 letters SPOON
Dad 4 letters PAPA
Word of disgust 4 letters DRAT
Stop 5 letters CEASE
Thin-faced golf club 4 letters IRON
Cave in 9 letters SURRENDER
Actor Hackman 4 letters GENE
Mom’s sister 4 letters AUNT
Sticky stuff 3 letters GOO
Heartless 6 letters UNKIND
Hewlett-Packard machines 8 letters PRINTERS
Take __; put forth effort 5 letters PAINS
First aid kit roll 5 letters GAUZE
Perry Mason’s field 3 letters LAW
Holes in the ground 4 letters PITS
Roomy 5 letters LARGE
Fishing spot 4 letters LAKE
Second person 3 letters EVE
Composer Porter’s namesakes 5 letters COLES
Old-fashioned 5 letters DATED
Saves for future use 8 letters RESERVES
Move back; withdraw 6 letters RECEDE
Bread for a Reuben 3 letters RYE
Submissive 4 letters MEEK
To boot 4 letters ALSO
Abandoning 9 letters STRANDING
Pushing up daisies 4 letters DEAD
Explode as a volcano 5 letters ERUPT
Actor __ Patrick Harris 4 letters NEIL
How __ you!; cry of outrage 4 letters DARE
Church walkway 5 letters AISLE
Very excited 4 letters GAGA
Fail to grip the roadway 4 letters SKID
Lugged 5 letters TOTED
Allen or McGraw 3 letters TIM
Curtain holder 3 letters ROD
Rabbit __; TV antenna 4 letters EARS
Herr’s wife 4 letters FRAU
Go higher 6 letters ASCEND
Exhausted 5 letters SPENT
Frog’s cousin 4 letters TOAD
Nylons 4 letters HOSE
Invigorate 8 letters ENERGIZE
Faucet 6 letters SPIGOT
Doesn’t __ for; dislikes 4 letters CARE
Perched atop 4 letters UPON
Lion’s hair 4 letters MANE
Overexerts 7 letters STRAINS
Baseball scores 4 letters RUNS
Small number 3 letters ONE
Stimulant 5 letters UPPER
Too trusting 5 letters NAIVE
Toys that fly 5 letters KITES
Removes apple skins 5 letters PARES
Carpets 4 letters RUGS
Gladden 5 letters ELATE
Did a fall chore 5 letters RAKED
Ingrid Bergman or Ann-Margret 5 letters SWEDE
Powerful wind 4 letters GALE
Small sofa 8 letters LOVESEAT
Completely deficient in 7 letters LACKING
Weep 3 letters CRY
Landowner’s paper 4 letters DEED
Deteriorated 6 letters ERODED
Leased 6 letters RENTED
Wood for bowling pins 5 letters MAPLE
Puts two and two together 4 letters ADDS
Flow out slowly 4 letters LEAK
Calcutta attire 4 letters SARI
Half a sextet 4 letters TRIO
Metal corrosion 4 letters RUST
Cool! in past decades 4 letters NEAT
Leslie Caron Oscar-winning film 4 letters GIGI
On the __; fleeing 3 letters LAM

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