Metro Crossword October 14 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword October 14 2021 Answers:

Married lady: abbr. 3 letters MRS
Home in the woods 5 letters CABIN
Apartment 4 letters FLAT
Sad notice for short 4 letters OBIT
__ of; informed about 5 letters AWARE
Hit the ceiling 4 letters RAGE
Linear measure 4 letters MILE
Grades 5 letters MARKS
Small bills 4 letters ONES
Least awake 9 letters SLEEPIEST
Bar soap brand 4 letters ZEST
Tight as a rope 4 letters TAUT
Commit perjury 3 letters LIE
Convent superior 6 letters ABBESS
Twirling 8 letters SPINNING
__ Christmas! 5 letters MERRY
Prison 5 letters CLINK
Mongrel 3 letters CUR
Unfair partiality 4 letters BIAS
Object 5 letters THING
Conceal 4 letters HIDE
Word attached to beater or head 3 letters EGG
Curtain 5 letters DRAPE
Door hanger’s piece 5 letters HINGE
Lifeguards at times 8 letters RESCUERS
Frayed 6 letters RAGGED
Time __ Bottle; Jim Croce hit 3 letters INA
Walkway 4 letters PATH
Haul 4 letters DRAG
Supplant; bump 9 letters SUPERSEDE
Neighbor of Missouri 4 letters IOWA
Join forces 5 letters UNITE
Homes for eels 4 letters SEAS
Asterisk 4 letters STAR
Exasperates 5 letters RILES
Waterproof covering 4 letters TARP
Largo and West 4 letters KEYS
Chris with a racket 5 letters EVERT
Annoying insect 3 letters FLY
Family member 3 letters MOM
Baseball stats 4 letters RBIS
Window ledge 4 letters SILL
School grounds 6 letters CAMPUS
Look for expectantly 5 letters AWAIT
Nude 4 letters BARE
Annoys 4 letters IRKS
Baby bird 8 letters NESTLING
2013 Walt Disney film 6 letters FROZEN
Lois __ of comic book fame 4 letters LANE
Middle __; medieval period 4 letters AGES
Experiment 4 letters TEST
Wobbles 7 letters TEETERS
Piece of cake! 4 letters EASY
Printer owner’s purchase 3 letters INK
Dark orange-yellow 5 letters AMBER
Neutral color 5 letters BEIGE
Talks boastingly 5 letters BRAGS
Undergarments 5 letters SLIPS
Evergreen 4 letters PINE
Cinnamon roll topping 5 letters ICING
Elbow 5 letters NUDGE
Avarice 5 letters GREED
Blacken 4 letters CHAR
Hold dear 8 letters TREASURE
Uppermost 7 letters HIGHEST
Final bill 3 letters DUN
Bowlers & others 4 letters HATS
Cuban exports 6 letters CIGARS
Most uncommon 6 letters RAREST
Actor Fonda 5 letters PETER
Slipped __; back woe 4 letters DISK
Learn by __; memorize 4 letters ROTE
Out of town 4 letters AWAY
Yale or Brown: abbr. 4 letters UNIV
__ up; amass 4 letters PILE
Turn a __ ear to; ignore 4 letters DEAF
Pres. James __ Carter 4 letters EARL
Undercover agent 3 letters SPY

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