Metro Crossword October 14 2020 Answers

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Metro Crossword October 14 2020 Answers:

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I’ve Got a __ in Kalamazoo 3 letters GAL
Put to shame 5 letters ABASH
Subsides 4 letters EBBS
Midmorning 4 letters NINE
Cruel man 5 letters BRUTE
Item on a bread tray 4 letters ROLL
Reason to call Orkin 4 letters ANTS
Location of the Alamo 10 letters SANANTONIO
Sheep’s cry 3 letters BAA
Irritable 5 letters TESTY
Skillful 5 letters ADEPT
__ in; brings under control 5 letters REINS
Man’s accessory 3 letters TIE
Available for rent 6 letters VACANT
Wheat-exporting state 6 letters KANSAS
On pins and needles 5 letters ANTSY
Stretch of land 5 letters TRACT
Baseball’s __ Ripken Jr. 3 letters CAL
In a __; feeling put out 4 letters SNIT
__ with; handled as a problem 5 letters DEALT
Tried and __; reliable 4 letters WAHR
Little twitch 3 letters TIC
Window covering 5 letters DRAPE
Pliers & wrenches 5 letters TOOLS
Not as complicated 6 letters EASIER
Misgivings 6 letters DOUBTS
Decree 3 letters LAW
Deadly critter 5 letters COBRA
__ a Hot Tin Roof 5 letters CATON
Dinah or Pauly 5 letters SHORE
Fight result for short 3 letters TKO
Extremely funny 10 letters UPROARIOUS
Competed 4 letters VIED
Tap the horn 4 letters BEEP
Make amends 5 letters ATONE
Like gooey cinnamon rolls 4 letters ICED
Wood splitters 4 letters AXES
J. Paul or Estelle 5 letters GETTY
Cleopatra’s undoing 3 letters ASP
Actress Lollobrigida 4 letters GINA
Southernmost continent 10 letters ANTARCTICA
Guitarist Paul 3 letters LES
Like a no-show 6 letters ABSENT
Orchestra section 5 letters BRASS
Female relative 4 letters AUNT
Command to Rover 4 letters STAY
Egg producer 3 letters HEN
Wears away 6 letters ERODES
Tibia or fibula 4 letters BONE
Radar screen image 4 letters BLIP
Job opening 4 letters SLOT
Seize a fugitive 3 letters NAB
Contaminate 5 letters TAINT
Wee 4 letters TINY
Calif.-to-Colo. direction 4 letters EAST
Diplomacy 4 letters TACT
Extensive 4 letters VAST
Long-running Broadway musical 5 letters ANNIE
__ smoothie; healthy shake 4 letters KALE
High-flying circus acts 10 letters ACROBATICS
Michigan’s __ Ste. Marie 5 letters SAULT
__ up; get emotional 4 letters TEAR
Bad __; undeserved reputation 3 letters RAP
I couldn’t care __! 4 letters LESS
Sketched 4 letters DREW
Sightseeing trip 4 letters TOUR
Singer Ross 5 letters DIANA
Éor not __ that is the questionÉ (Hamlet) 4 letters TOBE
Single-masted sailboats 6 letters SLOOPS
Jimmy or Tommy 6 letters DORSEY
Aristocratic title 5 letters COUNT
Castro’s land 4 letters CUBA
High point 4 letters APEX
December purchase for many 4 letters TREE
Location 4 letters SITE
Owl’s comment 4 letters HOOT
Hold on to 4 letters KEEP
Strange 3 letters ODD
Scrap of cloth 3 letters RAG
By way of 3 letters VIA

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