Metro Crossword October 13 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword October 13 2021 Answers:

Gift for a child 3 letters TOY
Actress Moorehead 5 letters AGNES
Bosom buddies 4 letters PALS
Woodwind instrument 4 letters FIFE
__ change; handful of coins 5 letters LOOSE
Kauai cookout 4 letters LUAU
Wagers 4 letters BETS
Ability 10 letters COMPETENCE
Fury 3 letters IRE
Walk leisurely 5 letters MOSEY
Detests 5 letters HATES
Too trusting 5 letters NAIVE
Brewers’ home: abbr. 3 letters WIS
Fully developed 6 letters MATURE
Uses a cheese grater 6 letters SHREDS
Look-__; twin 5 letters ALIKE
School skirt pattern 5 letters PLAID
Pixie 3 letters ELF
Male cats 4 letters TOMS
Empire 5 letters REALM
__ on; incite 4 letters SPUR
__ Loves You; Beatles song 3 letters SHE
Jacket material 5 letters SUEDE
Protrude 5 letters BULGE
Assault violently 6 letters ASSAIL
Nearly 6 letters ALMOST
Play on words 3 letters PUN
__ to; before 5 letters PRIOR
African nation 5 letters GABON
77 Sunset __ of old TV 5 letters STRIP
Tenement bldg. unit 3 letters APT
Very funny 10 letters UPROARIOUS
Suffix for laugh or profit 4 letters ABLE
Jungle beast 4 letters LION
Single-handedly 5 letters ALONE
Clumsy fellow 4 letters CLOD
Seats for many 4 letters PEWS
Internal spies 5 letters MOLES
Morning moisture 3 letters DEW
Wedding cake level 4 letters TIER
Frequently 10 letters OFTENTIMES
Oui! 3 letters YES
Room recess 6 letters ALCOVE
Silly as a __ 5 letters GOOSE
City in Alaska 4 letters NOME
Catch sight of 4 letters ESPY
__-through; transparent 3 letters SEE
Polite person’s word 6 letters PLEASE
Meghan to Princess Charlotte 4 letters AUNT
Arsenic and Old __; 1943 film 4 letters LACE
Hauls into court 4 letters SUES
Jeremy Sisto TV series 3 letters FBI
Elementary school grade 5 letters THIRD
Wet spongy earth 4 letters MIRE
Diving seabirds 4 letters AUKS
On a __; impulsively 4 letters WHIM
Gym floor pads 4 letters MATS
Lanai greeting 5 letters ALOHA
Realtor’s goal 4 letters SALE
Absolutely awful 10 letters DEPLORABLE
Disgusting garden pests 5 letters SLUGS
Rind 4 letters PEEL
Youth 3 letters LAD
Guitar ridge 4 letters FRET
Destroy 4 letters RUIN
Japanese wrestling form 4 letters SUMO
Steam bath 5 letters SAUNA
Minor glitch 4 letters BLIP
Eating utensils 6 letters SPOONS
Goes up 6 letters ARISES
Dried fruit 5 letters PRUNE
Swallow hard 4 letters GULP
Éfour and twenty blackbirds baked in __É 4 letters APIE
By the sweat of your __; with hard work 4 letters BROW
Fodder storage tower 4 letters SILO
Implement 4 letters TOOL
Farm machine 4 letters PLOW
Brother of JFK 3 letters TED
Crash into 3 letters RAM
Writer Doyle’s monogram 3 letters ACD

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