Metro Crossword November 28 2022 Answers

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Metro Crossword November 28 2022 Answers:

Religious promise 3 letters VOW
Synagogue leader 5 letters RABBI
Cedar Rapids’ state 4 letters IOWA
Small rodents 4 letters MICE
Korean or Thai 5 letters ASIAN
Was in arrears 4 letters OWED
__ in Love With Amy 4 letters ONCE
Ran away quickly 10 letters SKEDADDLED
Split __ soup 3 letters PEA
Are we __ yet? 5 letters THERE
Puts in jeopardy 5 letters RISKS
Threaded fastener 5 letters SCREW
Moving truck 3 letters VAN
Despicable 6 letters ODIOUS
Drainage systems 6 letters SEWERS
Lying facedown 5 letters PRONE
Fuzzy fruits 5 letters KIWIS
Dine 3 letters EAT
Military vehicle 4 letters TANK
Of the kidneys 5 letters RENAL
__ beans 4 letters LIMA
Whirlpool 3 letters SPA
Mary Poppins e.g. 5 letters NANNY
Poison 5 letters VENOM
Older relatives 6 letters ELDERS
Painting surface 6 letters CANVAS
Ram’s mate 3 letters EWE
Squander 5 letters WASTE
In __; physically fit 5 letters SHAPE
Actress Sharon 5 letters STONE
Wife in Seville: abbr. 3 letters SRA
Scientist’s workplace 10 letters LABORATORY
School founded in 1440 4 letters ETON
Raw metals 4 letters ORES
Cattle catcher 5 letters LASSO
Shipshape 4 letters NEAT
Broad 4 letters WIDE
Buddy for one 5 letters EBSEN
Shameful report card 3 letters DDD
Grape bearer 4 letters VINE
Sporadic 10 letters OCCASIONAL
Very little 3 letters WEE
Eczema symptoms 6 letters RASHES
Lopsided 5 letters ASKEW
Coffin stand 4 letters BIER
Commanded 4 letters BADE
__ nutshell; briefly 3 letters INA
Topical antiseptic 6 letters IODINE
Hooters 4 letters OWLS
Half of a fortnight 4 letters WEEK
Finds a total 4 letters ADDS
Clean the floor 3 letters MOP
__ a blank; fails to recall 5 letters DRAWS
Word of agreement 4 letters WAHR
__ out; fall asleep 4 letters CONK
Bride’s accessory 4 letters VEIL
__ out; doesn’t participate 4 letters OPTS
Long curtain 5 letters DRAPE
Convince 4 letters SWAY
Left profits in to earn more 10 letters REINVESTED
Pago Pago’s location 5 letters SAMOA
Mattel’s boy dolls 4 letters KENS
Lodge 3 letters INN
Flat caps 4 letters TAMS
Unusual 4 letters RARE
Church season 4 letters LENT
More up-to-date 5 letters NEWER
Bouquet holder 4 letters VASE
Remove from power 6 letters DEPOSE
Deep valley 6 letters CANYON
More unpleasant 5 letters WORSE
Sluggish 4 letters SLOW
WWI spy Mata __ 4 letters HARI
In the sack 4 letters ABED
Use a dagger 4 letters STAB
Fling 4 letters TOSS
Down the __; eventually 4 letters ROAD
Word attached to hill or eater 3 letters ANT
Hearty brew 3 letters ALE
Conclude 3 letters END

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