Metro Crossword November 25 2022 Answers

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Metro Crossword November 25 2022 Answers:

Health club offering 4 letters POOL
TV remote button 4 letters MUTE
Shapeless mass 4 letters BLOB
Michelin products 5 letters TIRES
Once __ a timeÉ 4 letters UPON
Learn’s partner in phrase 4 letters LIVE
Andrea McArdle role 5 letters ANNIE
Recent arrival 9 letters LATECOMER
Music from Jamaica 3 letters SKA
Prof. sports league 3 letters NFL
Sharp reply 6 letters RETORT
Board in room and board 5 letters MEALS
Pistol slangily 3 letters GAT
Perspiring 6 letters SWEATY
Deny any relation to 6 letters DISOWN
Consequently 5 letters HENCE
Stood perfectly still 5 letters FROZE
One not to be trusted 3 letters RAT
Court promise 4 letters OATH
Measuring device 5 letters GAUGE
Talk wildly 4 letters RAVE
Period of time 3 letters ERA
Harbor towns 5 letters PORTS
Delhi dollar 5 letters RUPEE
Zigzag skiing 6 letters SLALOM
Olympics awards 6 letters MEDALS
One of the Kennedys 3 letters TED
Flu symptom 5 letters FEVER
Gift from a crocheter 6 letters AFGHAN
Keats’ __ on Melancholy 3 letters ODE
__ Day Will Come; 1963 song 3 letters OUR
Risk taker 9 letters DAREDEVIL
Cause to chuckle 5 letters AMUSE
Similar 4 letters AKIN
Queasy 4 letters SICK
All __ up; in a row 5 letters LINED
Citi Field team 4 letters METS
__ who?; skeptic’s words 4 letters SAYS
Puts two and two together 4 letters ADDS
School parent orgs. 4 letters PTAS
Sty cry 4 letters OINK
Solely decorative 10 letters ORNAMENTAL
Wahine’s accessory 3 letters LEI
__ over; contemplates 5 letters MULLS
__ Lazy River 3 letters UPA
Preschooler 3 letters TOT
Give vigor to 8 letters ENERGIZE
Very drunk 6 letters BLOTTO
Star’s car 4 letters LIMO
Put one __ on; hoodwink 4 letters OVER
Actor Lahr 4 letters BERT
Upper house 6 letters SENATE
Desist 5 letters CEASE
Annoying bug 3 letters FLY
Every 4 letters EACH
Clog or sneaker 4 letters SHOE
Has on 5 letters WEARS
Goofy & Snoopy 4 letters DOGS
Sari or sarong 10 letters WRAPAROUND
Belly button 5 letters NAVEL
Old MacDonald’s place 4 letters FARM
Groove 3 letters RUT
Pegs on the links 4 letters TEES
Righteousness 8 letters GOODNESS
Impolite 4 letters RUDE
Beg 5 letters PLEAD
Show 6 letters REVEAL
Greece’s capital 6 letters ATHENS
TV’s Chicago __ 3 letters MED
Parents 5 letters FOLKS
West or Brody 4 letters ADAM
Charlatan 4 letters FAKE
Unyielding courage 4 letters GRIT
Pre-owned 4 letters USED
Wine list section 4 letters REDS
By way of 3 letters VIA
Like a sno-cone 3 letters ICY
Actress Farrow 3 letters MIA

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