Metro Crossword November 25 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword November 25 2021 Answers:

Do a yard chore 3 letters MOW
Sail supports 5 letters MASTS
Suffix for contempt or flex 4 letters IBLE
Snobbishness 4 letters AIRS
Be crazy about 5 letters ADORE
Actor McDonough 4 letters NEAL
What happy audiences do 4 letters CLAP
Henry VIII’s house 5 letters TUDOR
Old MacDonald’s place 4 letters FARM
Invest riskily hoping to profit 9 letters SPECULATE
Vexes 4 letters IRKS
Where to apply Compound W 4 letters WART
Eur. nation 3 letters NOR
Military rank indicator 6 letters STRIPE
Mississippi riverboats 8 letters STEAMERS
__ the finger at; accuse 5 letters POINT
Hopscotch grid maker’s need 5 letters CHALK
Headstone letters 3 letters RIP
Drawn-out 4 letters LONG
In a devious way 5 letters SLYLY
Horseman’s sport 4 letters POLO
__ Too Late; Carole King song 3 letters ITS
Took __ on; impacted badly 5 letters ATOLL
West Point pupil 5 letters CADET
Seminary course 8 letters THEOLOGY
Courtroom break 6 letters RECESS
Perimeter 3 letters RIM
Go under 4 letters SINK
Jeremiah __ bullfrog… 4 letters WASA
Helper 9 letters ASSISTANT
Sunbeam appliance 4 letters IRON
Reprimand 5 letters CHIDE
__ up; get ready 4 letters GEAR
Annoyingly self-satisfied 4 letters SMUG
Batter’s delight 5 letters HOMER
Get a glimpse of 4 letters ESPY
Exaggerated publicity 4 letters HYPE
Cheese variety 5 letters SWISS
Ball holder 3 letters TEE
Late Bernie 3 letters MAC
Kinkade paintings 4 letters OILS
Shawl or cape 4 letters WRAP
Fully aged as wine 6 letters MATURE
Grown-up 5 letters ADULT
Word with pop or jerk 4 letters SODA
Horse’s gait 4 letters TROT
In a calm way 8 letters SERENELY
Feeble 6 letters INFIRM
Tolerate 4 letters BEAR
On a __; just for fun 4 letters LARK
Cherry-bark __; large bushy trees 4 letters ELMS
Gushing forth 7 letters SPEWING
Ahab or Hook: abbr. 4 letters CAPT
As sturdy as an __ 3 letters OAK
Fissure 5 letters SPLIT
Canine for one 5 letters TOOTH
Mouthwash 5 letters RINSE
In a bashful way 5 letters SHYLY
Able to reach high shelves 4 letters TALL
Wear away 5 letters ERODE
Makes angry 5 letters RILES
Blotches 5 letters SPOTS
Drain problem 4 letters CLOG
Tummies 8 letters STOMACHS
Parcel 7 letters PACKAGE
Ring king once 3 letters ALI
Small coin 4 letters CENT
Ernie’s color 6 letters ORANGE
Staircase builder’s parts 6 letters RISERS
__ with; supports 5 letters SIDES
__ for; hope to obtain 4 letters WISH
Fighting force 4 letters ARMY
Campbell’s product 4 letters SOUP
Come in third 4 letters SHOW
__ Valley California 4 letters SIMI
Robin’s home 4 letters NEST
Record 4 letters TAPE
Bread for a Reuben 3 letters RYE

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