Metro Crossword November 24 2022 Answers

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Metro Crossword November 24 2022 Answers:

Fraternity letter 3 letters PHI
Long look 5 letters STARE
Talon 4 letters CLAW
Corn servings 4 letters EARS
Nonbeliever 5 letters PAGAN
Misplace 4 letters LOSE
Horse’s gait 4 letters TROT
Correct text 5 letters EMEND
Mendes & Longoria 4 letters EVAS
Result of learning 9 letters KNOWLEDGE
Blow off steam 4 letters VENT
Not harsh 4 letters MILD
Mary Todd’s man 3 letters ABE
Namesakes of TV’s O’Brien 6 letters CONANS
DeSantis or DeWine 8 letters GOVERNOR
Ride __ horse to Banbury CrossÉ 5 letters ACOCK
Turn on an axis 5 letters PIVOT
Muhammad __ 3 letters ALI
Impulsive 4 letters RASH
Recluse 5 letters LONER
Theatrical sketch 4 letters SKIT
Samuel’s teacher 3 letters ELI
Lady 5 letters WOMAN
Rile 5 letters PEEVE
Destroyers & frigates 8 letters WARSHIPS
Sunglasses 6 letters SHADES
Wee one 3 letters TOT
Flunk 4 letters FAIL
USC’s crosstown rival 4 letters UCLA
Found as an organization 9 letters ESTABLISH
Walk about leisurely 4 letters ROAM
Mailman’s beat 5 letters ROUTE
Cozy corner 4 letters NOOK
Perched upon 4 letters ATOP
Hot bit of coal 5 letters EMBER
Mongolian desert 4 letters GOBI
Smaller amount 4 letters LESS
Uses a Kindle 5 letters READS
Wynken Blynken and __ 3 letters NOD
Teacher’s favorite 3 letters PET
__! The Herald Angels Sing 4 letters HARK
Many a golf club 4 letters IRON
Competes in a bee 6 letters SPELLS
Subdued 5 letters TAMED
Elderly 4 letters AGED
Pressed the doorbell 4 letters RANG
Try 8 letters ENDEAVOR
Shrewd 6 letters CLEVER
Letter closing 4 letters LOVE
As wise __ owl 4 letters ASAN
Word with Virginia or Indies 4 letters WEST
Belly 7 letters STOMACH
Flirtatious look 4 letters WINK
Wager 3 letters BET
Baseball great Rod __ 5 letters CAREW
City in Florida 5 letters OCALA
Polite refusal 5 letters NOSIR
Lollobrigida & others 5 letters GINAS
Hot spot 4 letters OVEN
Unclothed 5 letters NAKED
Martini garnish 5 letters OLIVE
Religious services 5 letters RITES
__ and Circumstance 4 letters POMP
Vagrant 8 letters LOITERER
Making airtight 7 letters SEALING
Which person? 3 letters WHO
Silvers or Donahue 4 letters PHIL
USPS purchases 6 letters STAMPS
Fencing swords 6 letters SABERS
Destined 5 letters FATED
Russia’s __ Mountains 4 letters URAL
Pigeon shelter 4 letters COTE
Asian nation 4 letters LAOS
Partial amount 4 letters SOME
Low-pitched instrument 4 letters TUBA
Shortly 4 letters SOON
Tramp 4 letters HOBO
Child 3 letters KID

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