Metro Crossword November 24 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword November 24 2021 Answers:

Antelope with a mane 3 letters GNU
Actor Alan & his kin 5 letters HALES
Lopsided 4 letters AWRY
Thunder’s boom 4 letters CLAP
Walk __ in My Shoes; song from 1970 5 letters AMILE
Soft cheese 4 letters BRIE
Yours and mine 4 letters OURS
Summer Olympics sport 10 letters BASKETBALL
Time just ahead of us: abbr. 3 letters DEC
Minnelli & others 5 letters LIZAS
Fend off 5 letters REPEL
Deliver a speech 5 letters ORATE
He Ain’t Heavy __ My Brother 3 letters HES
Crab Louie & coleslaw 6 letters SALADS
Complete failure 6 letters FIASCO
Each 5 letters EVERY
Beside the __; irrelevant 5 letters POINT
Actor Holbrook 3 letters HAL
Ain’t gonna happen 4 letters NOPE
Tally up 5 letters COUNT
Exposed 4 letters BARE
…__ the season to be jolly… 3 letters TIS
Stops 5 letters HALTS
Shoe bottoms 5 letters SOLES
Energetic person 6 letters DYNAMO
Berates 6 letters SCOLDS
Dined 3 letters ATE
At __; being risked 5 letters STAKE
White adhesive 5 letters PASTE
Lobster recipe verb 5 letters STEAM
This Is Us network 3 letters NBC
Like finger pointers 10 letters ACCUSATORY
No longer youthful 4 letters AGED
Blacken 4 letters CHAR
Do the honors on Thanksgiving 5 letters CARVE
Coral & Caribbean 4 letters SEAS
Actress Daly 4 letters TYNE
Cornered 5 letters TREED
Flood refuge 3 letters ARK
Epoxy 4 letters GLUE
Sleep disorder 10 letters NARCOLEPSY
Hang-__; emotional problems 3 letters UPS
Daily routines 6 letters HABITS
Astound 5 letters AMAZE
__ Marie Presley 4 letters LISA
BPOE folks 4 letters ELKS
Observe 3 letters SEE
Convent superior 6 letters ABBESS
Envelop 4 letters WRAP
Irritate 4 letters RILE
Holler 4 letters YELL
Fish-and-chips fish often 3 letters COD
Special goody 5 letters TREAT
__ and the Tramp 4 letters LADY
Steak orderer’s request 4 letters RARE
Insinuate 4 letters HINT
Heaven-__; providential 4 letters SENT
Stay away from 5 letters AVOID
Swim __; diver’s flippers 4 letters FINS
Boxer vying for the title 10 letters CHALLENGER
Rowed 5 letters OARED
Explorer Marco 4 letters POLO
Umpire’s cry 3 letters OUT
__ than; < 4 letters LESS
Arrived 4 letters CAME
Word attached to worm or mark 4 letters BOOK
Finds odious 5 letters HATES
Con game 4 letters SCAM
Sierra Club’s focus 6 letters NATURE
Didn’t go anywhere 6 letters STAYED
Work as a waiter 5 letters SERVE
Treaty 4 letters PACT
Sore 4 letters ACHY
CT or MRI 4 letters SCAN
Asterisk 4 letters STAR
__ off; left quickly 4 letters TORE
Bird’s bill 4 letters BEAK
Safe investments for short 3 letters CDS
Hamlet division 3 letters ACT
As fresh __ daisy 3 letters ASA

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