Metro Crossword November 21 2020 Answers

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Metro Crossword November 21 2020 Answers:

Yakety-__; chatter 3 letters YAK
Yabba __ Doo! 5 letters DABBA
Life __; duration of existence 4 letters SPAN
Word attached to pull or pop 4 letters OVER
Doe __ a female deerÉ 5 letters ADEER
Crossword definition 4 letters CLUE
Dig for ore 4 letters MINE
Wisdom tooth for one 5 letters MOLAR
Monthly expense 4 letters RENT
Postgraduate degree 9 letters DOCTORATE
__ away at; erodes 4 letters EATS
Philosopher Descartes 4 letters RENE
Madrid Mrs. 3 letters SRA
Rainbow __; freshwater fishes 6 letters TROUTS
Tries 8 letters ATTEMPTS
Deal or No Deal host 5 letters HOWIE
Bawled 5 letters CRIED
Mr. Potato Head piece 3 letters HAT
Delete 4 letters OMIT
Like capitol roofs 5 letters DOMED
Swedish actress Andersson 4 letters BIBI
__ Antonio TX 3 letters SAN
One of the 12 Apostles 5 letters PETER
Pretty woman at the ball 5 letters BELLE
Etched 8 letters ENGRAVED
Helps with the dishes 6 letters RINSES
Do drugs 3 letters USE
Melody 4 letters TUNE
Injure with a dagger 4 letters STAB
Well-known & long-remembered 9 letters LEGENDARY
Fling forcefully 4 letters HURL
Indian or Arctic 5 letters OCEAN
Voting day: abbr. 4 letters TUES
You’re only young __ 4 letters ONCE
__ out; eliminate gradually 5 letters PHASE
Make well 4 letters HEAL
Football maneuver 4 letters PASS
More painful 5 letters SORER
Timid around others 3 letters SHY
__ Kippur; Day of Atonement 3 letters YOM
Passionate 4 letters AVID
Casino game 4 letters KENO
Wayans & others 6 letters DAMONS
Venerate 5 letters ADORE
Bart—k or Lugosi 4 letters BELA
Outscore 4 letters BEAT
Took into custody 8 letters ARRESTED
Cry out in terror 6 letters SCREAM
Tearful request 4 letters PLEA
Dad’s sister 4 letters AUNT
Trawling items 4 letters NETS
Draftee 7 letters RECRUIT
Head of France? 4 letters TETE
Ruby or burgundy 3 letters RED
__ Were the Days; 1968 song 5 letters THOSE
Julius Caesar or Sophia Loren 5 letters ROMAN
Being in debt 5 letters OWING
Ready for battle 5 letters ARMED
Bleachers level 4 letters TIER
Hartman & Collins 5 letters PHILS
Dining room necessity 5 letters TABLE
Animal pens 5 letters STIES
Sheep shelter 4 letters COTE
Evolves 8 letters DEVELOPS
Under 7 letters BENEATH
Faux __; blunder 3 letters PAS
Wrap tightly 4 letters BIND
Russia’s dollars 6 letters RUBLES
Marathon participant 6 letters RUNNER
Razz 5 letters TEASE
Small store 4 letters SHOP
Fish in a casserole 4 letters TUNA
Curved bands of sparks 4 letters ARCS
Reverberate 4 letters ECHO
Equipment 4 letters GEAR
Kicks oneself for 4 letters RUES
Slangy affirmative 4 letters YEAH

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