Metro Crossword November 20 2020 Answers

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Metro Crossword November 20 2020 Answers:

Fido’s foot 3 letters PAW
__ in; inundated by 5 letters AWASH
20th-century U.S. president 4 letters TAFT
Not bananas 4 letters SANE
Black-and-tan dog for short 5 letters DOBIE
Wahine’s dance 4 letters HULA
Toy that flies 4 letters KITE
Exhausted from toil 10 letters OVERWORKED
Once __ blue moon 3 letters INA
Liberates 5 letters FREES
Small hills 5 letters RISES
Astronaut John __ 5 letters GLENN
Compadre 3 letters PAL
Thread holders 6 letters SPOOLS
Where to lay your head 6 letters PILLOW
Ripley’s Believe It __! 5 letters ORNOT
Fast-food side 5 letters FRIES
Burst 3 letters POP
Given free __; unrestricted 4 letters REIN
Not as many 5 letters FEWER
__ on; incite 4 letters SPUR
Suffix for giant or lion 3 letters ESS
Pines & palms 5 letters TREES
Actor/comedian Milton 5 letters BERLE
Gazed 6 letters STARED
Wanting too much 6 letters GREEDY
Get __ of; toss 3 letters RID
Frock 5 letters DRESS
African nation 5 letters GHANA
Milkshake insert 5 letters STRAW
La Toya to Janet 3 letters SIS
Unruly 10 letters REBELLIOUS
Dryer residue 4 letters LINT
Rainbow shapes 4 letters ARCS
Horse homes 5 letters BARNS
At __; immediately 4 letters ONCE
Nickname for Elizabeth 4 letters BESS
Great __ Mountains; southeastern U.S. range 5 letters SMOKY
Syllable of disgust 3 letters UGH
Kidney stone symptom 4 letters PAIN
Bad guy in a novel 10 letters ANTAGONIST
Itty-bitty 3 letters WEE
Decorates 6 letters ADORNS
Made on a loom 5 letters WOVEN
Busy as __ 4 letters ABEE
Titles for knights 4 letters SIRS
Chop down 3 letters HEW
Feeling of excitement 6 letters THRILL
Arctic seabirds 4 letters AUKS
Hightail it 4 letters FLEE
Small amounts 4 letters TADS
Word before pole or lift 3 letters SKI
Grad exams perhaps 5 letters ORALS
Stetson material 4 letters FELT
Crazy as a __ 4 letters LOON
Wharf 4 letters PIER
Feeling offended 4 letters SORE
Push down hard 5 letters PRESS
Bakery display 4 letters PIES
Persecuting 10 letters OPPRESSING
Who __ have thunk it? 5 letters WOULD
Give a meal to 4 letters FEED
Emerson’s monogram 3 letters RWE
__ on; victimize 4 letters PREY
Savage for one 4 letters FRED
Candy store chain 4 letters SEES
Dry run 5 letters TRIAL
Make beer 4 letters BREW
James of Gunsmoke 6 letters ARNESS
Like pastureland 6 letters GRASSY
Under the influence 5 letters DRUNK
Snatch 4 letters GRAB
It’s all downhill from __ 4 letters HERE
Letters 4 letters ABCS
The King and I setting 4 letters SIAM
Barcelona bull 4 letters TORO
__ along; move very slowly 4 letters INCH
Sault __. Marie 3 letters STE
Abbr. on a birth announcement 3 letters LBS
Gehrig or Ferrigno 3 letters LOU

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