Metro Crossword May 6 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword May 6 2021 Answers:

Issued a command to 4 letters BADE
Bit of holly 5 letters SPRIG
Small store 4 letters SHOP
Eerie warning sign 4 letters OMEN
Repeat another’s words 5 letters QUOTE
Kilauea’s output 4 letters LAVA
Plops down 4 letters SITS
Clandestine 10 letters UNDERCOVER
B’s followers 3 letters CDE
Felines 4 letters CATS
Insurance co. rep. 5 letters AGENT
Laughs loudly 5 letters ROARS
Maidenform product 3 letters BRA
Vandalize 6 letters DAMAGE
Fern leaves 6 letters FRONDS
Identical 5 letters ALIKE
Courtroom procedure 5 letters TRIAL
Helper for Santa 3 letters ELF
Adams & Johnson 4 letters DONS
Tied up 5 letters BOUND
Cowboy’s boot spike 4 letters SPUR
Pronoun 3 letters SHE
Subdued 5 letters TAMED
Hymn of grief 5 letters DIRGE
Venomous vipers 6 letters ADDERS
Loathe 6 letters DETEST
Anger 3 letters IRE
Walkways 5 letters LANES
Part of Poe’s name 5 letters EDGAR
Ship’s pole 4 letters MAST
Undersea vessel 3 letters SUB
That’s ridiculous! 10 letters BALDERDASH
Take on employees 4 letters HIRE
Irving Berlin’s __ Skies 4 letters BLUE
Din 5 letters NOISE
Swamps 4 letters BOGS
Doesn’t __ like; appears not to be 4 letters SEEM
Spanish gent 5 letters SENOR
Change for a $5 bill 4 letters ONES
Winter pear 4 letters BOSC
Among 4 letters AMID
Strong-willed 10 letters DETERMINED
Junior nav. officer 3 letters ENS
Geometric shape 6 letters SQUARE
Some football kicks 5 letters PUNTS
Curtain holders 4 letters RODS
Suffix for social or favor 3 letters ITE
Eur. language 3 letters GER
Catchphrase 6 letters SLOGAN
Where __ All the Flowers Gone? 4 letters HAVE
Stove 4 letters OVEN
Portion 4 letters PART
Christmas song 5 letters CAROL
Parakeet’s home 4 letters CAGE
Sturdy trees 4 letters OAKS
Actor Garrett 4 letters BRAD
Piggyback ride givers often 4 letters DADS
Island greeting 5 letters ALOHA
Discover 4 letters FIND
Reason to take Prozac 10 letters DEPRESSION
Punches 5 letters SLUGS
Male turkeys 4 letters TOMS
Actress McClanahan 3 letters RUE
Be a worrywart 4 letters FRET
Uncovered 4 letters BARE
Web designer’s creation 4 letters SITE
Pomme de __; potato 5 letters TERRE
Fender blemish 4 letters DENT
Crown 6 letters DIADEM
One of Santa’s reindeer 6 letters DASHER
Cow catcher 5 letters LASSO
Diminishes 4 letters EBBS
Valley 4 letters DALE
Adhesive 4 letters GLUE
Downtown street name 4 letters MAIN
Hankering 4 letters URGE
Mrs. Truman 4 letters BESS
ICU workers 3 letters RNS
Female animal 3 letters DOE
The Wire network 3 letters HBO

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