Metro Crossword May 16 2023 Answers

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Metro Crossword May 16 2023 Answers:

Beaver creation 3 letters DAM
__ Johnny!; Ed McMahon’s line 5 letters HERES
Read over quickly 4 letters SCAN
Alimony payers 4 letters EXES
Sticks out like __ thumb 5 letters ASORE
Massive 4 letters HUGE
Mixer speed 4 letters BEAT
2009-17 White House resident 5 letters MALIA
Mountain goat 4 letters IBEX
Male animals 9 letters STALLIONS
TV’s __ New York 4 letters EAST
McClanahan & others 4 letters RUES
Man’s nickname 3 letters HAL
Far from lenient 6 letters STRICT
Nudging 8 letters PRODDING
Spare tire’s place 5 letters TRUNK
Forest hideaways 5 letters LAIRS
Airport rental 3 letters CAR
Chimed 4 letters RANG
Part of a pound 5 letters OUNCE
Paper towel brand 4 letters VIVA
Sonny Liston’s defeater 3 letters ALI
At __; free to roam 5 letters LARGE
Longed 5 letters PINED
Part of IHOP 8 letters PANCAKES
Make a mess of things 6 letters BUNGLE
Spring month: abbr. 3 letters APR
Majority 4 letters MOST
Unkempt fellow 4 letters SLOB
Constant 9 letters INCESSANT
Cab 4 letters TAXI
Portals 5 letters DOORS
Equipment 4 letters GEAR
Hot spot 4 letters OVEN
Overeat 5 letters GORGE
Catch a glimpse of 4 letters ESPY
Chef’s needs 4 letters PANS
Stopped 5 letters ENDED
20th letter 3 letters TEE
Girl’s nickname 3 letters DEB
Bladed tools 4 letters AXES
Beef or pork 4 letters MEAT
Small village 6 letters HAMLET
Namesakes of actor Morales 5 letters ESAIS
Chocolate/caramel candy 4 letters ROLO
Actress Moran 4 letters ERIN
Coast 8 letters SEASHORE
Protective plate 6 letters SHIELD
Island nation 4 letters CUBA
Matures 4 letters AGES
Barber’s call 4 letters NEXT
Rubberneck’s activity 7 letters STARING
Good fortune 4 letters LUCK
Pop-ups 3 letters ADS
Part of a backpack 5 letters STRAP
The flowers that bloom in the spring __É 5 letters TRALA
Altercation 5 letters RUNIN
Hunger signals 5 letters PANGS
Asian meal staple 4 letters RICE
Sweet coating 5 letters ICING
Belly button 5 letters NAVEL
A- or B+ 5 letters GRADE
Entice; attract 4 letters LURE
The __ Boys; country/gospel quartet 8 letters OAKRIDGE
Like antique shop wares 7 letters VINTAGE
Napkin’s spot 3 letters LAP
Cat 4 letters PUSS
Log homes 6 letters CABINS
__ around; gave orders to 6 letters BOSSED
Come together 5 letters MERGE
Traffic sign 4 letters STOP
Mauna Loa’s output 4 letters LAVA
Work animals 4 letters OXEN
Time for a meal 4 letters NOON
Drape puller 4 letters CORD
Robin’s home 4 letters NEST
Sticky strip 4 letters TAPE
Deli loaf 3 letters RYE

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