Metro Crossword May 15 2023 Answers

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Metro Crossword May 15 2023 Answers:

Hot dog holder 3 letters BUN
Unser or Foyt 5 letters RACER
Oxford or loafer 4 letters SHOE
Sushi fish 4 letters TUNA
Piano key wood 5 letters EBONY
Croquet surface 4 letters LAWN
Artist Warhol 4 letters ANDY
Crushed into powder 10 letters PULVERIZED
Stringed instrument 3 letters UKE
__ at the Bat 5 letters CASEY
Follows the advice of 5 letters HEEDS
Waken 5 letters ROUSE
Prefix for fit or fire 3 letters MIS
Snappy comeback 6 letters RETORT
Praying __; green bug 6 letters MANTIS
Astound 5 letters AMAZE
Billy Joel’s instrument 5 letters PIANO
Late Bernie 3 letters MAC
Prank 4 letters JOKE
Winnie the Pooh’s creator 5 letters MILNE
Lively 4 letters SPRY
Supped 3 letters ATE
Tall & too lean 5 letters LANKY
Day or Roberts 5 letters DORIS
Reasons for erasers 6 letters ERRORS
Most scarce 6 letters RAREST
Era 3 letters AGE
Levels 5 letters RAZES
Excuse 5 letters ALIBI
Purple shade 5 letters MAUVE
Use a straw 3 letters SIP
Obvious 10 letters NOTICEABLE
Moral fault 4 letters VICE
Mayberry resident 4 letters OPIE
Steve or Gracie 5 letters ALLEN
GE appliance 4 letters OVEN
Suffix for kind or blind 4 letters NESS
Marsh grasses 5 letters REEDS
Soggy 3 letters WET
Nonsense 4 letters BUNK
One with grave responsibilities 10 letters UNDERTAKER
Certain vote 3 letters NAY
Meal 6 letters REPAST
Mistreat 5 letters ABUSE
Old King __ was a merryÉ 4 letters COLE
1 of 7 deadly sins 4 letters ENVY
Cereal grass 3 letters RYE
Most conniving 6 letters SLIEST
Mistiness 4 letters HAZE
Ran up a tab 4 letters OWED
Word attached to book or week 4 letters ENDS
Fraternity letter 3 letters TAU
Safari sighting 5 letters RHINO
Make well 4 letters CURE
Seep out 4 letters OOZE
Neck hair 4 letters MANE
Rani’s man 4 letters RAJA
Be a drama queen 5 letters EMOTE
Quite a few 4 letters MANY
Remarkable 10 letters IMPRESSIVE
Mumbai dresses 5 letters SARIS
ATM codes 4 letters PINS
Of the same __; similar 3 letters ILK
Abnormal sac 4 letters CYST
Female animal 4 letters MARE
As __ as a boil 4 letters SORE
Smart reasoning 5 letters LOGIC
In a __; stunned 4 letters DAZE
Animal bite concern 6 letters RABIES
Glossy-black birds 6 letters RAVENS
Held power 5 letters RULED
Shortly 4 letters ANON
Horse’s gait 4 letters LOPE
It is what __ 4 letters ITIS
Fellow 4 letters MALE
Competent 4 letters ABLE
Law & Order: SVU actor 4 letters ICET
Paper Mate product 3 letters PEN
Cochlea’s place 3 letters EAR
Solemn promise 3 letters VOW

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