Metro Crossword May 12 2023 Answers

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Metro Crossword May 12 2023 Answers:

Idiot 4 letters DOPE
Puncture 4 letters STAB
Current letters 4 letters ACDC
Semihard cheeses 5 letters EDAMS
Hamster’s home 4 letters CAGE
Ark passenger 4 letters NOAH
Ship’s petty officer 5 letters BOSUN
Say you’re sorry 9 letters APOLOGIZE
Treasury Dept. agcy. 3 letters IRS
Word attached to drum or shot 3 letters EAR
Presser 6 letters IRONER
Up in arms 5 letters IRATE
Paving substance 3 letters TAR
__ Shields 6 letters BROOKE
Fasten together 6 letters ATTACH
Travis or Quaid 5 letters RANDY
Gallant 5 letters NOBLE
Little leap 3 letters HOP
Gabor & others 4 letters EVAS
Tango or twist 5 letters DANCE
Unclothed 4 letters BARE
Moist 3 letters WET
Weeps 5 letters CRIES
Have a hunch about 5 letters SENSE
Deadly 6 letters LETHAL
Scanty 6 letters MEAGER
__ deal; gross injustice 3 letters RAW
Line of people 5 letters QUEUE
With __; self-assuredly 6 letters APLOMB
Diamond man 3 letters UMP
Fore and __ 3 letters AFT
Antony’s love 9 letters CLEOPATRA
Glowing coal bit 5 letters EMBER
Stack 4 letters HEAP
Chef 4 letters COOK
Actress Burke 5 letters DELTA
Beasts of burden 4 letters YAKS
Actress Mulgrew 4 letters KATE
Tide type 4 letters NEAP
Actress Mazar 4 letters DEBI
Smell 4 letters ODOR
Ardent; romantic 10 letters PASSIONATE
Big bird 3 letters EMU
Terrify 5 letters SCARE
Touch lightly 3 letters TAP
Not long __; recently 3 letters AGO
Bad-mouth 8 letters BELITTLE
Soft yarn 6 letters ANGORA
Penny for one 4 letters COIN
Stupor 4 letters DAZE
Half of a ’60s/’70s duo 4 letters CHER
Underhanded 6 letters SNEAKY
Practice public speaking 5 letters ORATE
Consumed 3 letters ATE
Scepters 4 letters RODS
Make tea 4 letters BREW
Come apart 5 letters RAVEL
Preschooler’s recitation 4 letters ABCS
Fickle 10 letters CHANGEABLE
Old western transport 5 letters HORSE
Tack 4 letters NAIL
Half and half 3 letters ONE
Look through a keyhole 4 letters PEER
Disadvantage 8 letters DRAWBACK
Suitor 4 letters BEAU
Winner 5 letters CHAMP
Oozed 6 letters SEEPED
Scout groups 6 letters TROOPS
Kate to Prince Louis 3 letters MUM
Natural disaster 5 letters QUAKE
Like overused muscles 4 letters ACHY
Entreaty 4 letters PLEA
Faucet problem 4 letters LEAK
Crumbly cheese 4 letters FETA
Sand __; golf hazard 4 letters TRAP
__ man; unanimously 3 letters TOA
Spoil 3 letters ROT
Beard wearers 3 letters MEN

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