Metro Crossword March 6 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword March 6 2021 Answers:

Dog food brand 4 letters ALPO
__ aback; surprised 5 letters TAKEN
Not quite closed 4 letters AJAR
Tree trunk covering 4 letters BARK
Pamplona pal 5 letters AMIGO
Blow one’s top 4 letters RAGE
Short life sketches 4 letters BIOS
Like a tedious orator 10 letters LONGWINDED
S.A. nation 3 letters ARG
Give to a borrower 4 letters LEND
Essentials 5 letters NEEDS
Regretting 5 letters RUING
Safe investments for short 3 letters CDS
Alice __ Live Here Anymore 6 letters DOESNT
Lifting devices 6 letters HOISTS
Very disturbed 5 letters UPSET
Refrain syllables 5 letters TRALA
Center of activity 3 letters HUB
Clutter 4 letters MESS
Constructed 5 letters BUILT
Cheese from France 4 letters BRIE
Prefix for caution or view 3 letters PRE
Trees & The Raven 5 letters POEMS
Menial workers 5 letters PEONS
Decorates 6 letters ADORNS
__ off; disregards 6 letters SHRUGS
Wynken Blynken & __ 3 letters NOD
__ My Way; Bing Crosby film 5 letters GOING
Bathroom feature 5 letters BASIN
Small duck 4 letters TEAL
1950s high school dance 3 letters HOP
With everything included 10 letters ALTOGETHER
Uncouth person 4 letters BOOR
As slippery __ eel 4 letters ASAN
Rental agreement 5 letters LEASE
Greek liqueur 4 letters OUZO
Bawls 4 letters SOBS
Destined 5 letters FATED
Word attached to sister or ladder 4 letters STEP
1970s Swedish pop group 4 letters ABBA
Hideaway 4 letters LAIR
Advanced 10 letters PROGRESSED
Approves for short 3 letters OKS
Inborn gift 6 letters TALENT
Surrounded by 5 letters AMONG
Compassionate 4 letters KIND
Custard ingredient 3 letters EGG
Currently 3 letters NOW
James of Gunsmoke 6 letters ARNESS
Green gem 4 letters JADE
Over-the-hill 4 letters AGED
Ruby & maroon 4 letters REDS
Neighbor of Pakistan 5 letters INDIA
Dryer residue 4 letters LINT
Does drugs 4 letters USES
Stable youngster 4 letters COLT
Trash destination 4 letters DUMP
Drama set to music 5 letters OPERA
Holbrook & Linden 4 letters HALS
From start to finish 10 letters THROUGHOUT
Bringing charges against 5 letters SUING
Part of every wk. 4 letters TUES
Basketball hoop 3 letters RIM
Mrs. Truman 4 letters BESS
Close connection 4 letters BOND
European capital 4 letters BERN
Fork tine 5 letters PRONG
Actor Hartman 4 letters PHIL
Chili dog toppers for some 6 letters ONIONS
Zoomed skyward 6 letters SOARED
Waterbirds 5 letters GEESE
Cries from those being fleeced 4 letters BAAS
Besides that 4 letters ALSO
Take a __ at; attempt 4 letters STAB
__ does it!; cry of frustration 4 letters THAT
Seep out 4 letters OOZE
__ up; support from behind or below 4 letters PROP
Leprechaun’s cousin 3 letters ELF
Chinese restaurant staple 3 letters TEA
Diddley’s namesakes 3 letters BOS

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