Metro Crossword March 17 2023 Answers

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Metro Crossword March 17 2023 Answers:

Gush forth 4 letters SPEW
Cutlass Ciera maker 4 letters OLDS
Come __; find 4 letters UPON
Imposed a levy on 5 letters TAXED
Blood vessel 4 letters VEIN
__ with the Wind 4 letters GONE
Furious 5 letters IRATE
Bother 9 letters ANNOYANCE
Cleaning cloth 3 letters RAG
Silent __; Pres. Coolidge 3 letters CAL
__ together; united 6 letters BANDED
Makes progress 5 letters GAINS
A’s followers 3 letters BCD
Fashionable 6 letters TRENDY
Discuss again 6 letters REHASH
Huge crowd 5 letters HORDE
Patient’s record 5 letters CHART
Poker kitty 3 letters POT
Out of town 4 letters AWAY
Light-headed 5 letters WOOZY
The Bee Gees e.g. 4 letters TRIO
Open-meshed fabric 3 letters NET
Noisy fight 5 letters MELEE
Oliver of fiction 5 letters TWIST
Team loss 6 letters DEFEAT
Artist’s purchases 6 letters PAINTS
Peeve 3 letters IRK
__ away; disappearing 5 letters GOING
Give shelter to 6 letters TAKEIN
Wesson product 3 letters OIL
Playground game 3 letters TAG
Still the same 9 letters UNALTERED
Martini garnish 5 letters OLIVE
Courageous 4 letters BOLD
Make airtight 4 letters SEAL
Send in payment 5 letters REMIT
Wood splitters 4 letters AXES
Agile 4 letters SPRY
Kennedy & others 4 letters TEDS
__ up; incite 4 letters STIR
Prefix for legal or medic 4 letters PARA
Stretch the truth 10 letters EXAGGERATE
Soaked 3 letters WET
Geometric shapes 5 letters OVALS
Actor Cariou 3 letters LEN
Clamor 3 letters DIN
Nose-in-the-air attitude 8 letters SNOBBERY
African nation 6 letters UGANDA
Tiny lake 4 letters POND
A single time 4 letters ONCE
Requirement 4 letters NEED
Make up your mind 6 letters DECIDE
Pleasure craft 5 letters YACHT
Word attached to one or time 3 letters ANY
Mayberry resident 4 letters ANDY
Other __; besides 4 letters THAN
Oared 5 letters ROWED
Demolish a building 4 letters RAZE
Planting season 10 letters SPRINGTIME
Lift with a crane 5 letters HOIST
Young horse 4 letters COLT
Garden tool 3 letters HOE
Little children 4 letters TOTS
Frailty 8 letters WEAKNESS
Look-alike 4 letters TWIN
Deserve 5 letters MERIT
Men’s Wearhouse employee 6 letters TAILOR
Chases fly balls 6 letters FIELDS
Taro root paste 3 letters POI
Divine 5 letters GODLY
Brass instrument 4 letters TUBA
As strong as __ 4 letters ANOX
Curly cabbage 4 letters KALE
Ardent 4 letters AVID
Acquires 4 letters GETS
House member’s title: abbr. 3 letters REP
__-shattering; way too loud 3 letters EAR
__ up; ease 3 letters LET

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