Metro Crossword June 29 2022 Answers

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Metro Crossword June 29 2022 Answers:

Yosemite National __ 4 letters PARK
Inverness native 4 letters SCOT
Peter Paul and Mary e.g. 4 letters TRIO
Éto __ dust to dustÉ 5 letters ASHES
Barber’s sweepings 4 letters HAIR
Hula __; twirling toy 4 letters HOOP
Glisten 5 letters SHINE
Lessen as pain 9 letters ALLEVIATE
Half a score 3 letters TEN
Record speed letters 3 letters RPM
USAF rank 6 letters AIRMAN
Santa’s aides 5 letters ELVES
Distress signal 3 letters SOS
Simpler 6 letters EASIER
Steamboat inventor Robert __ 6 letters FULTON
Online locales 5 letters SITES
Yogi for one 5 letters BERRA
Sheep’s cry 3 letters BAA
Trudge along 4 letters PLOD
Name on a check 5 letters PAYEE
Lose one’s footing 4 letters SLIP
Strong desire 3 letters YEN
Free-for-all 5 letters MELEE
Still breathing 5 letters ALIVE
1/10 of a century 6 letters DECADE
Hits hard 6 letters SMITES
Pot cover 3 letters LID
Line of travel 5 letters ROUTE
Horrify 6 letters APPALL
Bradley & Begley 3 letters EDS
In a __; mired by routine 3 letters RUT
Undergarment 9 letters BRASSIERE
Eliminate errors 5 letters ERASE
Lawmen 4 letters COPS
Tack 4 letters NAIL
PassŽ 5 letters DATED
Convince 4 letters SWAY
Periodontist’s concern 4 letters GUMS
Takes the plunge 4 letters WEDS
Over and done with 4 letters PAST
Wimbledon champ Arthur 4 letters ASHE
Imitation diamond 10 letters RHINESTONE
Berry or Jennings 3 letters KEN
Farces 5 letters SHAMS
Coolidge to friends 3 letters CAL
Cake ingredient 3 letters OIL
Contents of a pirate chest 8 letters TREASURE
Parched feeling 6 letters THIRST
Wander 4 letters ROAM
Smidgen 4 letters IOTA
Unlocked 4 letters OPEN
Does a waiter’s job 6 letters SERVES
Stringed instrument 5 letters VIOLA
__ person; each 3 letters PER
Committed perjury 4 letters LIED
Notice 4 letters ESPY
Had a bug 5 letters AILED
Unrestricted 4 letters FREE
Eliminate completely 10 letters OBLITERATE
Unsuspecting 5 letters NAIVE
Actor Christian 4 letters BALE
Place for an iris 3 letters EYE
Chimps & orangutans 4 letters APES
Selling from a pushcart 8 letters PEDDLING
Skirt opening 4 letters SLIT
Sends a letter 5 letters MAILS
We are not __ (Queen Victoria) 6 letters AMUSED
Elegant 6 letters CLASSY
Layer of turf 3 letters SOD
Film holders 5 letters REELS
Fundamentals 4 letters ABCS
Front of a ship 4 letters PROW
Dad 4 letters PAPA
Not brand new 4 letters USED
Kennedy & others 4 letters TEDS
Parisian water 3 letters EAU
Circular edge 3 letters RIM

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