Metro Crossword June 27 2022 Answers

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Metro Crossword June 27 2022 Answers:

Sorrowful 3 letters SAD
Laurel & Musial 5 letters STANS
Surgery memento 4 letters SCAR
__-ran; loser 4 letters ALSO
Ave __ 5 letters MARIA
Sit for an artist 4 letters POSE
Presidential candidate Perot 4 letters ROSS
Of no consequence 10 letters IMMATERIAL
Siesta hour 3 letters TWO
Newspapers magazines etc. 5 letters PRESS
__ nose; cold symptom 5 letters RUNNY
Black-feathered birds 5 letters ROOKS
One of the Seven Dwarfs 3 letters DOC
Conductors’ sticks 6 letters BATONS
Not at all boastful 6 letters MODEST
Like an old mattress 5 letters LUMPY
Mealtime prayer 5 letters GRACE
Rat-a-tat-__ 3 letters TAT
Lofty poems 4 letters ODES
Roulette bet 5 letters BLACK
Stubborn animal 4 letters MULE
Victory 3 letters WIN
Sonnets & limericks 5 letters POEMS
Records 5 letters TAPES
Actor Peter 6 letters OTOOLE
Most resentful 6 letters SOREST
El __; Charlton Heston film 3 letters CID
Lustrous surface 5 letters SHEEN
Many times 5 letters OFTEN
Monetary penalties 5 letters FINES
Prolonged noise 3 letters DIN
Long-distance runner 10 letters MARATHONER
Sternum or scapula 4 letters BONE
Hamilton Beach appliance 4 letters IRON
Barge in 5 letters ENTER
Family tree member 4 letters AUNT
Williams & DiBiase 4 letters TEDS
Fabricated excuse 5 letters STORY
Long-eared animal 3 letters ASS
Difficult to teach 4 letters SLOW
Variety pack 10 letters ASSORTMENT
Two in Tijuana 3 letters DOS
Smiles smugly 6 letters SMIRKS
Makes gentle 5 letters TAMES
Spots for shots 4 letters ARMS
Long & Peeples 4 letters NIAS
Calendar abbr. 3 letters SAT
Evergreen tree 6 letters SPRUCE
Quarter for one 4 letters COIN
As straight __ arrow 4 letters ASAN
__ on; have confidence in 4 letters RELY
State-of-the-__; very modern 3 letters ART
Disintegrate 5 letters ERODE
Petting zoo animal 4 letters PONY
Fumbler’s word 4 letters OOPS
Wooden pier 4 letters DOCK
__ it; screw up 4 letters BLOW
Sound portion of a telecast 5 letters AUDIO
Singer Davis & others 4 letters MACS
Astonishing 10 letters STUPENDOUS
Yarns 5 letters TALES
Merriment 4 letters GLEE
Horned animal 3 letters RAM
Student’s ordeal 4 letters TEST
Courageous 4 letters BOLD
Stable mother 4 letters MARE
Pencil part 5 letters POINT
Step on someone’s __; encroach 4 letters TOES
Bodies of water 6 letters OCEANS
Spanish wine 6 letters SHERRY
Scornful look 5 letters SNEER
Fail to mention 4 letters OMIT
Fee to ride 4 letters FARE
__ on; trampled 4 letters TROD
Letter style 4 letters FONT
Take __ account; consider 4 letters INTO
Lodges 4 letters INNS
Ending for some website addresses 3 letters NET
__ Just Not That Into You; 2009 film 3 letters HES
Cry from the flock 3 letters BAA

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