Metro Crossword June 23 2022 Answers

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Metro Crossword June 23 2022 Answers:

Poisonous snake 3 letters ASP
Monastery leader 5 letters ABBOT
Actress Hatcher 4 letters TERI
Boring 4 letters BLAH
Fearless 5 letters BRAVE
Consumer 4 letters USER
Give a ticket to 4 letters CITE
Compare 5 letters LIKEN
Raja’s wife 4 letters RANI
Enduring 9 letters PERMANENT
Trail mix bits 4 letters NUTS
Labyrinth 4 letters MAZE
__ my brother’s keeper? 3 letters AMI
On the move 6 letters ACTIVE
Translate from code to text 8 letters DECIPHER
Cemetery divisions 5 letters PLOTS
Repasts 5 letters MEALS
Indignation 3 letters IRE
Road __; rude drivers 4 letters HOGS
Tenant’s contract 5 letters LEASE
Make a mess at table 4 letters SLOP
__ nutshell; briefly 3 letters INA
Goodman or Hill 5 letters BENNY
Erroneous 5 letters FALSCH
__ of; hoping for 8 letters DESIROUS
Christmas tree glitter 6 letters TINSEL
Nincompoop 3 letters SAP
Whipped cream recipe verb 4 letters BEAT
Hemingway’s A Farewell to __ 4 letters ARMS
Helper 9 letters ASSISTANT
Outdoor banquet 4 letters LUAU
Cut of pork 5 letters ROAST
Ruler’s length 4 letters FOOT
Location 4 letters SITE
Actor Willem 5 letters DAFOE
Border 4 letters EDGE
Dollar bills 4 letters ONES
Go on a shopping spree 5 letters SPEND
Henry VIII’s desire 3 letters SON
20/20 network 3 letters ABC
Undergarment 4 letters SLIP
Liver spread 4 letters PATE
Burning 6 letters ABLAZE
Seawater 5 letters BRINE
Cookie recipe verb 4 letters BAKE
Easy-Off __ cleaner 4 letters OVEN
Snail’s feeler 8 letters TENTACLE
Root vegetable 6 letters TURNIP
Jacob’s twin 4 letters ESAU
Enterprise __-A-Car 4 letters RENT
Part of the eye 4 letters IRIS
Herman’s __; British rock group 7 letters HERMITS
Dallas team for short 4 letters MAVS
Prefix for place or print 3 letters MIS
Plant destroyer 5 letters APHID
Duplicate 5 letters CLONE
Colosseum garments 5 letters TOGAS
College officials 5 letters DEANS
As __ as pie 4 letters EASY
Beverly __ CA 5 letters HILLS
Jagged 5 letters EROSE
Fend off 5 letters REPEL
Waiter’s offering 4 letters MENU
Spotted animals 8 letters LEOPARDS
U.S. capital city 7 letters SANTAFE
Two-cup item 3 letters BRA
Italian auto 4 letters FIAT
Emotional hang-ups 6 letters ISSUES
Tried out 6 letters TESTED
Buffalo 5 letters BISON
FurthermoreÉ 4 letters ALSO
Wrack’s partner in phrase 4 letters RUIN
Spouse 4 letters MATE
Launderer’s need 4 letters SOAP
Out of harm’s way 4 letters SAFE
Assents without words 4 letters NODS
Like fast food 4 letters TOGO
Bedtime for many 3 letters TEN

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