Metro Crossword June 22 2022 Answers

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Metro Crossword June 22 2022 Answers:

Mr. Leno 3 letters JAY
I Got __; Jim Croce song 5 letters ANAME
Travel like a scent 4 letters WAFT
No longer here 4 letters GONE
Part of USNA 5 letters NAVAL
Luau dance 4 letters HULA
Moistens 4 letters WETS
Failed to notice 10 letters OVERLOOKED
Not __ long shot! 3 letters BYA
Stadium levels 5 letters TIERS
Comes in last 5 letters LOSES
__ in; brings under control 5 letters REINS
Word attached to stick or reading 3 letters LIP
Unoccupied 6 letters VACANT
__ about; praising wildly 6 letters RAVING
Unable to sit still 5 letters ANTSY
West Point newcomer 5 letters PLEBE
Please Don’t __ the Daisies 3 letters EAT
In a __; sulking 4 letters SNIT
Rosary pieces 5 letters BEADS
Citrus fruit 4 letters LIME
__ Tac; breath mint 3 letters TIC
Treat a wound 5 letters DRESS
Religious tenet 5 letters DOGMA
Less complicated 6 letters EASIER
__ cracker 6 letters GRAHAM
Boxer’s foot 3 letters PAW
Scale 5 letters CLIMB
Breakfast strip 5 letters BACON
Hang limply 5 letters DROOP
Abnormal 3 letters ODD
Hilarious 10 letters UPROARIOUS
Half a sextet 4 letters TRIO
Singer Celine 4 letters DION
Small appliances 5 letters IRONS
Charitable offering 4 letters ALMS
Makes clothes 4 letters SEWS
NASCAR’s Richard 5 letters PETTY
So long! 3 letters BYE
Mr. Bishop 4 letters JOEY
South Pole’s location 10 letters ANTARCTICA
TV’s Say __ to the Dress 3 letters YES
Sanctify with oil 6 letters ANOINT
Main sections of cathedrals 5 letters NAVES
Declare positively 4 letters AVER
Spoils 4 letters MARS
Perpendicular annex 3 letters ELL
__ Goldberg 6 letters WHOOPI
Diving birds 4 letters AUKS
Run away 4 letters FLEE
Tiny amounts 4 letters TADS
Initials for Obama’s predecessor 3 letters GWB
Pimiento holder 5 letters OLIVE
Wee 4 letters TINY
Compass direction 4 letters EAST
Retrievers for short 4 letters LABS
Far-reaching 4 letters VAST
__ Get Your Gun 5 letters ANNIE
Cincinnati team 4 letters REDS
Helpful to those nearby 10 letters NEIGHBORLY
Fraternity letter 5 letters GAMMA
Social equal 4 letters PEER
__ Cruces NM 3 letters LAS
Browns or Braves 4 letters TEAM
Make tea 4 letters BREW
Rich soil 4 letters LOAM
Actress Rigg 5 letters DIANA
Faucet problem 4 letters DRIP
Silverware pieces 6 letters SPOONS
Gleaming 6 letters GLOSSY
Census 5 letters COUNT
Immature flowers 4 letters BUDS
Éfour and twenty blackbirds baked in __É 4 letters APIE
Crop pest 4 letters CROW
Critical 4 letters DIRE
Word with canal or beer 4 letters ROOT
Impromptu screwdriver 4 letters DIME
__ and don’ts; rules to follow 3 letters DOS
__ up; shred 3 letters RIP
File folder label spot 3 letters TAB

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