Metro Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

Ship’s commander: abbr. 4 letters CAPT
Pantyhose ding 4 letters SNAG
Trudge along 4 letters PLOD
See eye to eye 5 letters AGREE
Labor 4 letters TOIL
On the __; being risked 4 letters LINE
Uris & Spinks 5 letters LEONS
Conceit 9 letters ARROGANCE
Asner’s namesakes 3 letters EDS
Tit for __ 3 letters TAT
Like prom tuxes usually 6 letters RENTED
Wheel of Fortune category 5 letters PLACE
Pen contents 3 letters INK
Make 6 letters CREATE
It __ matter; Never mind 6 letters DOESNT
Old West transport 5 letters HORSE
Devout 5 letters PIOUS
Actress Joan Van __ 3 letters ARK
Leave out 4 letters OMIT
__ over; reads intently 5 letters PORES
Astonish 4 letters STUN
Animal in the house 3 letters PET
Footwear 5 letters SHOES
Elevate 5 letters RAISE
Pearl holder 6 letters OYSTER
Lower in rank 6 letters DEMOTE
__ T; exactly 3 letters TOA
Refuge 5 letters HAVEN
Sneeze sounds 6 letters ACHOOS
Facial feature 3 letters EYE
Damp 3 letters WET
Shakespeare’s Antony and __ 9 letters CLEOPATRA
Compadre 5 letters AMIGO
Monty or Arsenio 4 letters HALL
Metal fastener 4 letters NAIL
Mantel 5 letters LEDGE
Napoleon & Hirohito: abbr. 4 letters EMPS
Rubber ducky ponds 4 letters TUBS
The __ said the better 4 letters LESS
Racer Yarborough 4 letters CALE
Like fine wine 4 letters AGED
Good fortune; affluence 10 letters PROSPERITY
Playing card 3 letters TEN
Declare 5 letters STATE
And not 3 letters NOR
Tune 3 letters AIR
Magnificent 8 letters GLORIOUS
Pieces of lumber 6 letters PLANKS
Fuzzy residue 4 letters LINT
__ in Royal David’s City; Christmas carol 4 letters ONCE
Property owner’s paper 4 letters DEED
Real __; Century 21’s business 6 letters ESTATE
Gifts from parents? 5 letters GENES
Many a hardware store 3 letters ACE
Final 4 letters LAST
Cut up 4 letters CHOP
Ladies’ man 5 letters ROMEO
Fawn bearers 4 letters DOES
From coast to coast 10 letters NATIONWIDE
Rely on 5 letters TRUST
Penniless 4 letters POOR
Anger 3 letters IRE
Joint with a cap 4 letters KNEE
Game bird 8 letters PHEASANT
Identical 4 letters SAME
Bend down 5 letters STOOP
Show 6 letters REVEAL
Milkmaids’ seats 6 letters STOOLS
Actor Daniel __-Lewis 3 letters DAY
Gets better as a wound 5 letters HEALS
Throbbing pain 4 letters ACHE
Boston __ chowder 4 letters CLAM
Cry of distress 4 letters HELP
Custard ingredients 4 letters EGGS
Digits in a shoe 4 letters TOES
Sorority letter 3 letters TAU
Skeletal part 3 letters RIB
Singer TormŽ 3 letters MEL

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