Metro Crossword June 10 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword June 10 2021 Answers:

P’s followers 3 letters QRS
Items on a bread tray 5 letters ROLLS
Beat it! 4 letters SCAT
Uncles south of the border 4 letters TIOS
Way to communicate 5 letters EMAIL
Hubbub 4 letters TODO
Put papers in order 4 letters SORT
Brief & to the point 5 letters TERSE
Rome wasn’t built in __ 4 letters ADAY
Bring to an end 9 letters TERMINATE
Jewels 4 letters GEMS
Broadcasts 4 letters AIRS
Prefix for med or view 3 letters PRE
Protected by shots 6 letters IMMUNE
Delightful 8 letters PLEASANT
Call a halt to 5 letters CEASE
Tinker Bell for one 5 letters FAIRY
Actress Sara 3 letters MIA
Troubles 4 letters ILLS
Is obedient 5 letters MINDS
Photos 4 letters PICS
Trawler’s need 3 letters NET
Bank vaults 5 letters SAFES
Father children 5 letters BEGET
Hand motions 8 letters GESTURES
In abundance 6 letters GALORE
Parisian pal 3 letters AMI
Cool one’s heels 4 letters WAIT
Injure with a spear 4 letters STAB
Existence beyond death 9 letters AFTERLIFE
Throw with force 4 letters HURL
Do a busboy’s job 5 letters CLEAR
Tidy 4 letters NEAT
Don’t tread __; old flag words 4 letters ONME
Cut in two 5 letters HALVE
Cooper or Coleman 4 letters GARY
Time gone by 4 letters PAST
Creek 5 letters INLET
Shot givers often: abbr. 3 letters RNS
Motor oil bottles 3 letters QTS
Public uprising 4 letters RIOT
Blister or boil 4 letters SORE
Accept one’s pension 6 letters RETIRE
Foreboding signs 5 letters OMENS
Dr. Zhivago’s love 4 letters LARA
Roster 4 letters LIST
Pullman cars 8 letters SLEEPERS
Puts on as a play 6 letters STAGES
Secret language 4 letters CODE
Role on The Goldbergs 4 letters ADAM
Gifts for kids 4 letters TOYS
Don Juan composer Richard 7 letters STRAUSS
Dig for ore 4 letters MINE
Singer/pianist Charles 3 letters RAY
Cake topping 5 letters ICING
Wild brawl 5 letters MELEE
Soda fountain orders 5 letters MALTS
See-through rectangles 5 letters PANES
Can tops 4 letters LIDS
Barcelona buddy 5 letters AMIGO
Friendlier 5 letters NICER
Take just one bite of 5 letters TASTE
Woodwind instrument 4 letters FIFE
Small strolling Mexican band 8 letters MARIACHI
Throwing snowballs at 7 letters PELTING
Adder’s result 3 letters SUM
Arrestee’s hope 4 letters BAIL
Pad of paper 6 letters TABLET
Upper room 6 letters GARRET
Intertwine 5 letters WEAVE
Boutique 4 letters SHOP
Sushi fish 4 letters TUNA
Weapons 4 letters ARMS
Custard dessert 4 letters FLAN
__-all; shocking biography 4 letters TELL
Panic 4 letters FEAR
Make a salary 4 letters EARN
Actor Burrell & others 3 letters TYS

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