Metro Crossword July 28 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword July 28 2021 Answers:

Nincompoop 4 letters DOPE
First reverse or neutral 4 letters GEAR
Dines 4 letters EATS
Screwed up 5 letters ERRED
Unhealthy chest sound 4 letters RALE
Clutch 4 letters GRIP
Sierra __; African nation 5 letters LEONE
Plato’s student 9 letters ARISTOTLE
__Ñblond; hair color 3 letters ASH
Annoying bug 3 letters FLY
Self-assured 6 letters POISED
Wall-climbing plants 5 letters IVIES
Sullivan & others 3 letters EDS
Can wrappers 6 letters LABELS
Rascals 6 letters SCAMPS
High society 5 letters ELITE
Moping 5 letters POUTY
Hightailed it 3 letters RAN
Kiddies 4 letters TOTS
Pathways 5 letters LANES
Water __; pool sport 4 letters POLO
__ Loves You; Beatles song 3 letters SHE
Small hills 5 letters RISES
Fissures 5 letters RIFTS
Fesses up 6 letters ADMITS
Shoe shiner’s bottle 6 letters POLISH
Grand __ Opry 3 letters OLE
Commandment verb 5 letters SHALT
Serious; unsmiling 6 letters SOMBER
A Boy and __ Dog; 1975 film 3 letters HIS
Fore and __ 3 letters AFT
Like careless mistakes 9 letters AVOIDABLE
Put aside for now 5 letters TABLE
Jailbird’s room 4 letters CELL
Like sweater weather 4 letters COOL
Farm structures 5 letters SILOS
Joint most often replaced 4 letters KNEE
Loud mournful wail 4 letters YOWL
Get together with 4 letters MEET
Boxer Oscar __ Hoya 4 letters DELA
Raw minerals 4 letters ORES
Verboten 10 letters PROHIBITED
Ending for an adolescent’s age 3 letters EEN
Ages visibly 5 letters GRAYS
In one __ and out the other 3 letters EAR
Late great heavyweight 3 letters ALI
Holds in high regard 8 letters RESPECTS
Arrogance 6 letters EGOISM
Performing __; drama music etc. 4 letters ARTS
Scrabble piece 4 letters TILE
Raced 4 letters SPED
Sully 6 letters DEFILE
July 28 5 letters TODAY
Guitarist Paul 3 letters LES
Doggy docs 4 letters VETS
Why don’t we! 4 letters LETS
Kauai greeting 5 letters ALOHA
Seeks damages from 4 letters SUES
Lucrative 10 letters PROFITABLE
Sprinkles at the table 5 letters SALTS
Road between mountains 4 letters PASS
TV’s __ Life to Live 3 letters ONE
Have a snack 4 letters NOSH
Ability to read & write 8 letters LITERACY
Difficult person 4 letters PILL
Angered 5 letters RILED
Tongue-in-cheek tributes 6 letters ROASTS
Able to move around 6 letters MOBILE
Sorority letter 3 letters PHI
Beach souvenir 5 letters SHELL
Quarterback’s downfall 4 letters SACK
__ mitts; hand protectors 4 letters OVEN
Burrowing animal 4 letters MOLE
Sheet of ice afloat 4 letters FLOE
Trial run 4 letters TEST
Ghost’s greeting 3 letters BOO
Feeling depressed 3 letters LOW
Objective 3 letters AIM

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