Metro Crossword July 27 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword July 27 2021 Answers:

Inquire 3 letters ASK
Early Stooge 5 letters SHEMP
Goes on stage 4 letters ACTS
Prohibits 4 letters BANS
Alfalfa cutter 5 letters HAYER
Chilly 4 letters COOL
Pass over 4 letters SKIP
Idaho’s Coeur d’__ 5 letters ALENE
Try to persuade 4 letters URGE
__ to the plate; took action 9 letters STEPPEDUP
Feline cry 4 letters MEOW
__-do-well; idler 4 letters NEER
Large spade 3 letters ACE
Official mandates 6 letters EDICTS
Teriyaki chicken recipe verb 8 letters MARINATE
Quarries 5 letters MINES
Feeling ho-hum 5 letters BORED
Pale 3 letters WAN
__ easy; egg orderer’s request 4 letters OVER
Jokes around 5 letters JESTS
Desire 4 letters WANT
Faucet 3 letters TAP
Gondoliers’ needs 5 letters POLES
Nickname for Margaret 5 letters MARGE
In every respect 8 letters ENTIRELY
Seller 6 letters VENDOR
Disorderly crowd 3 letters MOB
Bad-tempered 4 letters MEAN
Come to a standstill 4 letters STOP
Part of VIP 9 letters IMPORTANT
Horse’s gait 4 letters LOPE
Day or Roberts 5 letters DORIS
Forest animal 4 letters BEAR
Like fine wine 4 letters AGED
Jagged 5 letters EROSE
Apiece 4 letters EACH
Horse’s hair 4 letters MANE
Small salamanders 5 letters NEWTS
Ref.’s call 3 letters TKO
Exercise targets perhaps 3 letters ABS
__ Fifth Avenue 4 letters SAKS
Make a sweater 4 letters KNIT
Circles & triangles 6 letters SHAPES
More vigorous 5 letters HALER
Black-__ peas 4 letters EYED
Waiter’s offering 4 letters MENU
Gets ready 8 letters PREPARES
Shrewdness 6 letters ACUMEN
Central part 4 letters CORE
African nation 4 letters TOGO
Slaughtered 4 letters SLEW
Tracy for one 7 letters SPENCER
Shelter adoptees 4 letters PETS
El __; Spanish hero 3 letters CID
Be a drama queen 5 letters EMOTE
Couch 5 letters DIVAN
Bumbling 5 letters INEPT
Saunter 5 letters MOSEY
Word with martial or performing 4 letters ARTS
Oscar or Tony 5 letters AWARD
It takes two to __ 5 letters TANGO
Go into 5 letters ENTER
Student summons 4 letters BELL
Jill’s man 8 letters JOEBIDEN
Overeager aspirant 7 letters WANNABE
__ bono; without legal fees 3 letters PRO
Source of protein 4 letters MEAT
Block; obstruct 6 letters IMPEDE
Stanzas 6 letters VERSES
Cake mix claim 5 letters MOIST
Grand __; batter’s delight 4 letters SLAM
Robe for Caesar 4 letters TOGA
Ajar 4 letters OPEN
Oliver’s request 4 letters MORE
Bow of a ship 4 letters PROW
Shipshape 4 letters NEAT
Nail 4 letters TACK
Greek letter 3 letters RHO

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