Metro Crossword January 25 2023 Answers

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Metro Crossword January 25 2023 Answers:

Smile 4 letters GRIN
Suffix for do or suit 4 letters ABLE
And not only thatÉ 4 letters ALSO
Turner & others 5 letters LANAS
College official 4 letters DEAN
Conceited 4 letters VAIN
Two quartets combined 5 letters OCTET
Like permanent ink 9 letters INDELIBLE
Itty-bitty 3 letters WEE
Fuss and bother 3 letters ADO
Cuts of beef 6 letters ROASTS
Bookworms 5 letters NERDS
America’s __ Talent 3 letters GOT
Ritzy residence 6 letters ESTATE
Tendons 6 letters SINEWS
BBQ rods 5 letters SPITS
Cuckoo 5 letters CRAZY
Linden for one 3 letters HAL
Experts 4 letters PROS
Pond scum 5 letters SLIME
Shabby nightclub 4 letters DIVE
Hankering 3 letters YEN
On __; in the spotlight 5 letters STAGE
Web surfer’s stops 5 letters SITES
Shun 6 letters ESCHEW
Spirited horses 6 letters STEEDS
In the __; naked 3 letters RAW
One of the planets 5 letters EARTH
Large antelope 6 letters IMPALA
Grow old 3 letters AGE
Cake ingredient 3 letters OIL
Pausing uncertainly 9 letters FALTERING
Sky’s color 5 letters AZURE
Escape 4 letters FLEE
Pliers or saw 4 letters TOOL
Disguises 5 letters MASKS
MMXXIII for one 4 letters YEAR
Certainly! 4 letters SURE
Bothersome person 4 letters PEST
Luster 4 letters GLOW
Track-and-field event 4 letters RACE
Aims 10 letters INTENTIONS
Bagpiper’s refusal 3 letters NAE
Bye! 5 letters ADIOS
Big __; London landmark 3 letters BEN
Youth 3 letters LAD
Give vigor to 8 letters ENERGIZE
Operate a plane 6 letters AVIATE
Lovable retrievers 4 letters LABS
Sandy sediment 4 letters SILT
Tip jar bills 4 letters ONES
Begins 6 letters STARTS
Wacko 5 letters LOONY
ÉFDR HST __ JFKÉ 3 letters DDE
Chows down 4 letters EATS
Get a glimpse of 4 letters ESPY
Wild activity 5 letters SPREE
Like peas in a pod 4 letters SAME
Home for Jill & Joe 10 letters WHITEHOUSE
Rescued 5 letters SAVED
Talon 4 letters CLAW
Tractor trailer 3 letters RIG
Not as much 4 letters LESS
James and Rod 8 letters STEWARTS
Count calories 4 letters DIET
Layered rock 5 letters SHALE
Brook 6 letters STREAM
Lunar dimple 6 letters CRATER
Droop 3 letters SAG
Bird of prey 5 letters EAGLE
Doubtful 4 letters IFFY
Stag party attendee 4 letters MALE
Sincere request 4 letters PLEA
Aggravates 4 letters IRKS
Judge not __ ye be judged 4 letters LEST
Part of a vowel list 3 letters IOU
Neither’s partner 3 letters NOR

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