Metro Crossword January 24 2023 Answers

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Metro Crossword January 24 2023 Answers:

Big Sky network 3 letters ABC
Change slightly 5 letters ALTER
Feigned; not genuine 4 letters SHAM
One not to be trusted 4 letters LIAR
Depart 5 letters LEAVE
Loose Roman gown 4 letters TOGA
Five __ five is one 4 letters INTO
Microsoft’s Bill 5 letters GATES
Takes advantage of 4 letters USES
Item in a gym bag 9 letters DEODORANT
Pain in the neck 4 letters PEST
Forest trees 4 letters FIRS
Hoopla 3 letters ADO
Band of color 6 letters STRIPE
Soak 8 letters SATURATE
High schoolers 5 letters TEENS
Sprinted 5 letters RACED
Money for Uncle Sam 3 letters TAX
Chimed 4 letters RANG
Senate gofers 5 letters PAGES
Optimism 4 letters HOPE
As dumb __ box of rocks 3 letters ASA
Trojan War epic 5 letters ILIAD
Not as goofy 5 letters SANER
New Orleans team 8 letters PELICANS
Hardest to come by 6 letters RAREST
__ out; begin a journey 3 letters SET
Kept in __; remembered 4 letters MIND
Vipers 4 letters ASPS
About to happen 9 letters IMPENDING
Boyfriend 4 letters BEAU
Approaches 5 letters NEARS
Rich soil 4 letters LOAM
Doing nothing 4 letters IDLE
Dad’s brother 5 letters UNCLE
Actor Malik __ 4 letters YOBA
Buffalo __ won’t you come out tonightÉ 4 letters GALS
Silenced 5 letters MUTED
Jennings of Jeopardy! 3 letters KEN
Muhammad __ 3 letters ALI
Predicament 4 letters BIND
Ms. Blanchett 4 letters CATE
VP before Dick Cheney 6 letters ALGORE
Producer Norman’s family 5 letters LEARS
Ciao! 4 letters TATA
__ though; albeit 4 letters EVEN
Phrases differently 8 letters RESTATES
Daze 6 letters STUPOR
Stockings 4 letters HOSE
Periods of time 4 letters AGES
Ship pole 4 letters MAST
Installing a housetop 7 letters ROOFING
Hors d’oeuvres table bowlfuls 4 letters DIPS
Failure 3 letters DUD
Saddle fastener 5 letters STRAP
Rib 5 letters TEASE
Of the kidneys 5 letters RENAL
Lengthy stories 5 letters SAGAS
__ a test; passed easily 4 letters ACED
Observe Yom Kippur 5 letters ATONE
VCR inserts 5 letters TAPES
__ oneself; try hard 5 letters EXERT
April forecast 4 letters RAIN
Element whose symbol is Pt 8 letters PLATINUM
Vigorously 7 letters HARDILY
Cold cubes 3 letters ICE
Beach castle material 4 letters SAND
Personal hang-ups 6 letters ISSUES
Hosed down 6 letters RINSED
Singer Haggard 5 letters MERLE
Speak softly and carry __ stick 4 letters ABIG
Actor Jon 4 letters SEDA
Feeling of gloom 4 letters PALL
Waiter’s offering 4 letters MENU
Treaty 4 letters PACT
Kitchen recess 4 letters NOOK
Actor Kaplan 4 letters GABE
Beard wearer 3 letters MAN

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