Metro Crossword January 15 2022 Answers

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Metro Crossword January 15 2022 Answers:

Golfer Ernie 3 letters ELS
Alda & Thicke 5 letters ALANS
Capable 4 letters ABLE
Horror 4 letters FEAR
Find a new renter 5 letters RELET
Rugged cliff 4 letters CRAG
Sports event 4 letters GAME
Prying tool 5 letters LEVER
Chimed 4 letters RANG
Outlaw with nothing to lose 9 letters DESPERADO
At __ with; opposed to 4 letters ODDS
Yankee Doodle’s mount 4 letters PONY
Dieter’s concern: abbr. 3 letters LBS
Umpire’s cry 6 letters STRIKE
Rain boots 8 letters GALOSHES
Give a speech 5 letters ORATE
One of the Seven Dwarfs 5 letters DOPEY
Motorists’ assn. 3 letters AAA
Show boldness 4 letters DARE
Less adorned 5 letters BARER
Bunny of cartoons 4 letters BUGS
Part of a blackjack 3 letters ACE
Glove material 5 letters LATEX
Ceremonies 5 letters RITES
Made baby food 8 letters STRAINED
Vineyard building 6 letters WINERY
__ as a beet 3 letters RED
Make wood smooth 4 letters SAND
Three biblical kings 4 letters MAGI
Plentiful 9 letters ABOUNDING
Troubles 4 letters ILLS
Drifter 5 letters NOMAD
High __; Gary Cooper film 4 letters NOON
Hasn’t a __; is unaware 4 letters CLUE
Gullible 5 letters NAIVE
Battering wind 4 letters GALE
Needle holes 4 letters EYES
Autumn bloomer 5 letters ASTER
Thoreau’s initials 3 letters HDT
File drawer perhaps 3 letters EFG
Pencil’s core 4 letters LEAD
Just the __; nevertheless 4 letters SAME
Francis of What’s My Line? 6 letters ARLENE
Suspicious 5 letters LEERY
Thomas __ Edison 4 letters ALVA
Have to have 4 letters NEED
Toddler transport 8 letters STROLLER
Come __; find by accident 6 letters ACROSS
Paper fastener 4 letters BRAD
Hit the runway 4 letters LAND
__ Benedict; fancy breakfast 4 letters EGGS
Period of relief 7 letters RESPITE
Jab 4 letters POKE
Baby in blue 3 letters BOY
Soft drinks 5 letters SODAS
Land developer’s purchase 5 letters TRACT
More unusual 5 letters RARER
Injured by a bull 5 letters GORED
Pinnacle 4 letters APEX
Terre __ IN 5 letters HAUTE
Needing no encouragement 5 letters EAGER
Impudent 5 letters SASSY
Brown fruit 4 letters DATE
Kerchief 8 letters BANDANNA
Tying up 7 letters BINDING
Recline 3 letters LIE
Cantaloupe casing 4 letters RIND
Ascends 6 letters ARISES
Roam about 6 letters WANDER
Shampoo brand 5 letters SUAVE
Mickey & Minnie 4 letters MICE
Friendly nation 4 letters ALLY
Tube in a model airplane kit 4 letters GLUE
Feathery scarves 4 letters BOAS
Leave out 4 letters OMIT
Webster or Wyle 4 letters NOAH
Precious metal 4 letters GOLD
Tennis court center 3 letters NET

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