Metro Crossword January 14 2022 Answers

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Metro Crossword January 14 2022 Answers:

As likely as __; probably 3 letters NOT
Peruvian pal 5 letters AMIGO
Urgent request 4 letters PLEA
Audition tape 4 letters DEMO
Collar tag 5 letters LABEL
Connery or Lennon 4 letters SEAN
Krone spender 4 letters DANE
African antelope 10 letters WILDEBEEST
__ Lanka 3 letters SRI
Cardiff’s location 5 letters WALES
Boots out 5 letters OUSTS
Remains 5 letters STAYS
North Atlantic fish 3 letters COD
NBA team 6 letters PACERS
December songs 6 letters CAROLS
Planetary visitor 5 letters ALIEN
Cooks 5 letters CHEFS
Aide to Santa 3 letters ELF
Connections 4 letters TIES
Actor Sir Michael __ 5 letters CAINE
Cowboy boot spike 4 letters SPUR
__ Bernardino CA 3 letters SAN
Erupt 5 letters BURST
By and __; on the whole 5 letters LARGE
Gazed 6 letters STARED
Hardest to come by 6 letters RAREST
Helium or hydrogen 3 letters GAS
Witty person 5 letters COMIC
Fish dish 5 letters SUSHI
Leftover fragment 5 letters SCRAP
Linden for one 3 letters HAL
Three-sided 10 letters TRIANGULAR
Cross a creek 4 letters WADE
Fragile edibles 4 letters EGGS
Floor 5 letters AMAZE
Greek export 4 letters OUZO
Fourth word in Jack and Jill 4 letters WENT
Curtsied 5 letters BOWED
3/7 and 4/7 3 letters ONE
Within reach 4 letters NEAR
All-knowing 10 letters OMNISCIENT
Boot part 3 letters TOE
24-7 6 letters ALWAYS
Sends a letter 5 letters MAILS
Suffix for contempt or convert 4 letters IBLE
Diploma equivalents for short 4 letters GEDS
Bullring cheer 3 letters OLE
Artificial 6 letters PSEUDO
Pinky & Jason 4 letters LEES
Word with Far or Middle 4 letters EAST
Picnic spoilers 4 letters ANTS
Dentist’s letters 3 letters DDS
Uncouth fellows 5 letters BOORS
Give a heads-up to 4 letters WARN
Golf shop purchase 4 letters TEES
__ au lait 4 letters CAFE
Taps tenderly 4 letters PATS
Alternate identity 5 letters ALIAS
Penny 4 letters CENT
Irish sprite 10 letters LEPRECHAUN
Slimy crawlers 5 letters SLUGS
King or queen 4 letters CARD
Killing Me Softly with __ Song 3 letters HIS
Guitar ridge 4 letters FRET
Stage signals 4 letters CUES
Dress for Indira 4 letters SARI
Skull contents 5 letters BRAIN
Light source 4 letters LAMP
Horrified 6 letters AGHAST
The Mouse That __; Peter Sellers film 6 letters ROARED
Passing fad 5 letters CRAZE
Ragout 4 letters STEW
Strong desire 4 letters URGE
Endorse 4 letters SIGN
Japan’s national sport 4 letters SUMO
Talon 4 letters CLAW
Bladed tool 4 letters ADZE
Zodiac sign 3 letters LEO
Chatter 3 letters GAB
Wine and dine 3 letters WOO

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