Metro Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Receives the trophy 4 letters WINS
Kingdom 5 letters REALM
Burn the surface of 4 letters CHAR
Plant part 4 letters ROOT
Squabble 5 letters ARGUE
Boxcar hopper 4 letters HOBO
Off-kilter 4 letters AWRY
Very sociable; outgoing 10 letters GREGARIOUS
Nixon for one 3 letters PAT
__ up; bound 4 letters TIED
E on the gas gauge 5 letters EMPTY
Dog 5 letters HOUND
Itty-bitty 3 letters WEE
__ off; leaving 6 letters TAKING
Ozzie or Harriet 6 letters NELSON
Without companions 5 letters ALONE
Canine problem 5 letters FLEAS
High chair accessory 3 letters BIB
Gospel writer 4 letters MARK
Bamboozle 5 letters TRICK
Delight 4 letters GLEE
Prefix for pay or heat 3 letters PRE
Place for rouge 5 letters CHEEK
Fruit drink 5 letters JUICE
Prepared potatoes 6 letters MASHED
Away in a __ 6 letters MANGER
Casual top 3 letters TEE
Screwdriver ingredient 5 letters VODKA
South Pacific island nation 5 letters SAMOA
__ Comes the Sun; Beatles song 4 letters HERE
2000 pounds 3 letters TON
Conquers 10 letters OVERPOWERS
Femur or humerus 4 letters BONE
Tattletale 4 letters FINK
Sicker than before 5 letters WORSE
Make beer 4 letters BREW
Finds sums 4 letters ADDS
Prestigious award 5 letters NOBEL
Saclike pouch 4 letters CYST
It’s a __!; director’s cry 4 letters WRAP
Neighbor of Nebraska 4 letters IOWA
Asian nation 10 letters NORTHKOREA
Pig’s quarters 3 letters STY
Becoming furious 6 letters RAGING
Made a blunder 5 letters ERRED
Elderly 4 letters AGED
Carry something heavy 3 letters LUG
Give __ break!; cry of frustration 3 letters MEA
Set of bells 6 letters CHIMES
Earring style 4 letters HOOP
Lie next to 4 letters ABUT
Promising; optimistic 4 letters ROSY
Becomes dizzy 5 letters REELS
Adjust a piano 4 letters TUNE
Sty cry 4 letters OINK
Feeble 4 letters WEAK
Pat down soil 4 letters TAMP
Nightstand wakener 5 letters ALARM
Least popular chicken piece 4 letters NECK
Not optional 10 letters OBLIGATORY
Family tree member 5 letters NIECE
Gwynne or Savage 4 letters FRED
Commit perjury 3 letters LIE
Suds 4 letters BEER
You to Shakespeare 4 letters THEE
Icky residue 4 letters GUNK
Inexpensive 5 letters CHEAP
Green gem 4 letters JADE
Baby carriers? 6 letters STORKS
Tidbit 6 letters MORSEL
Poem division 5 letters VERSE
Davenport 4 letters SOFA
Zealous 4 letters AVID
Repair 4 letters MEND
Sage or oregano 4 letters HERB
Aces in cribbage 4 letters ONES
Mr. Gingrich 4 letters NEWT
__ up; confess 3 letters OWN
Court romantically 3 letters WOO
British network 3 letters BBC

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