Metro Crossword January 13 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword January 13 2021 Answers:

Snug as a bug in __ 4 letters ARUG
Jungle animals 4 letters APES
Many a Middle Easterner 4 letters ARAB
Small restaurant 5 letters DINER
Actor/singer __ Martin 4 letters DEAN
Fable 4 letters TALE
Waldorf salad ingredient 5 letters APPLE
Divide and distribute 9 letters APPORTION
Singer Tillis 3 letters MEL
Distance across the pool 3 letters LAP
Human __; people 6 letters BEINGS
Official command 5 letters EDICT
Happy Hour place 3 letters BAR
Red wine 6 letters CLARET
Most friendly 6 letters NICEST
Fertile area in a desert 5 letters OASIS
Five of the same suit 5 letters FLUSH
Acorn dropper 3 letters OAK
Button alternative 4 letters SNAP
Laziness 5 letters SLOTH
Hoax 4 letters RUSE
Morning hour 3 letters TEN
Rain accessories 5 letters BOOTS
Trivial; insignificant 5 letters PETTY
Goes off course 6 letters STRAYS
Shoves 6 letters PUSHES
Jolson & Roker 3 letters ALS
Special talent 5 letters FORTE
Leader of the Huns 6 letters ATTILA
Pkg. delivery service 3 letters UPS
Mobile vacation homes for short 3 letters RVS
Comforts; gives confidence to 9 letters REASSURES
One of the Muppets 5 letters ERNIE
Long skirt 4 letters MAXI
Coolidge & others 4 letters CALS
Straining utensil 5 letters SIEVE
Dermatologist’s focus 4 letters SKIN
TV show award 4 letters EMMY
Tiny weight 4 letters GRAM
West of Hollywood 4 letters ADAM
Mature as fruit 4 letters RIPE
Disagreeable 10 letters UNPLEASANT
Hairstyling goop 3 letters GEL
Alter to make fit 5 letters ADAPT
Get-up-and-go 3 letters PEP
Poe’s monogram 3 letters EAP
Haughty 8 letters SNOBBISH
Clothing 6 letters ATTIRE
Picnic spoiler 4 letters RAIN
As easy as falling off __ 4 letters ALOG
Affleck & Stiller 4 letters BENS
__ on; has confidence in 6 letters RELIES
Get through to 5 letters REACH
Put on an __; pretend 3 letters ACT
Faucet problem 4 letters DRIP
Price to be paid 4 letters COST
Word in many bowling alley names 5 letters LANES
Cuckoo 4 letters NUTS
Resident of the Confederate States 10 letters SOUTHERNER
In poor __; tacky 5 letters TASTE
Women’s nicknames 4 letters FLOS
Parking area 3 letters LOT
Door openers 4 letters KEYS
Teriyaki marinade ingredient 8 letters SOYSAUCE
Relax for a spell 4 letters REST
Items in an umpire’s pouch 5 letters BALLS
Places for women’s wallets 6 letters PURSES
Dried grape 6 letters RAISIN
Soft drink 3 letters POP
Persnickety 5 letters FUSSY
Upper limbs 4 letters ARMS
Shipbuilder’s wood 4 letters TEAK
Hailed vehicle 4 letters TAXI
__ Las Vegas; Elvis movie 4 letters VIVA
__ like; appear to be 4 letters SEEM
Horned animal 3 letters RAM
Shade tree 3 letters ELM
Big __; 18-wheeler 3 letters RIG

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