Metro Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Poke hard 3 letters JAB
Heed the alarm clock 5 letters GETUP
Use a PC keyboard 4 letters TYPE
Lubricates 4 letters OILS
If I knew you were coming I’d’ve baked __É 5 letters ACAKE
Circle dance 4 letters HORA
Partner of tried in phrase 4 letters WAHR
Ballot caster 5 letters VOTER
Watches 4 letters EYES
Absurd 9 letters SENSELESS
Imitate 4 letters COPY
Spanish surrealist Salvador 4 letters DALI
Yes Virginia there __ Santa Claus 3 letters ISA
Bits of parsley 6 letters SPRIGS
Absolutely certain 8 letters POSITIVE
Wading bird 5 letters CRANE
Half-quarts 5 letters PINTS
Messing to friends 3 letters DEB
Jewelry store purchase 4 letters RING
Legends 5 letters TALES
Rosemary or thyme 4 letters HERB
Pull a vanishing __; disappear 3 letters ACT
Composer Porter & others 5 letters COLES
Actress Keaton 5 letters DIANE
Annoyed 8 letters PESTERED
Took a voter survey 6 letters POLLED
Rainy 3 letters WET
Pause in activity 4 letters LULL
Revealing skirt 4 letters MINI
Crucial 9 letters IMPORTANT
Many hardware stores 4 letters ACES
Rent long-term 5 letters LEASE
Actress Donna 4 letters REED
Encounter 4 letters MEET
Paths 5 letters LANES
Play area 4 letters YARD
Finds a total 4 letters ADDS
Feeling of anxiety 5 letters ANGST
Hosp. personnel 3 letters RNS
__ down; make a note of 3 letters JOT
Haughtiness 4 letters AIRS
Unhappy 4 letters BLUE
Judges’ mallets 6 letters GAVELS
Intestinal bacteria 5 letters ECOLI
Little Man __; Jodie Foster film 4 letters TATE
Stringed instruments 4 letters UKES
Goes on resolutely 8 letters PERSISTS
Seuss’ __ in the Hat 6 letters THECAT
Toy with a string 4 letters YOYO
Get ready for short 4 letters PREP
Not difficult 4 letters EASY
Mailing 7 letters SENDING
Spice rack bottle next to saffron 4 letters SAGE
Malia to Sasha 3 letters SIS
Small fragment 5 letters SCRAP
Cost 5 letters PRICE
Carries on 5 letters RANTS
Stacked 5 letters PILED
Billfold items 4 letters ONES
Just right 5 letters IDEAL
Novelist Jules 5 letters VERNE
Subsided 5 letters EBBED
Like pastel colors 4 letters PALE
Burrito wrap 8 letters TORTILLA
One of the Clintons 7 letters HILLARY
Average mark 3 letters CEE
Bonehead 4 letters DOLT
Licorice pieces 6 letters TWISTS
Most chaste 6 letters PUREST
Misplaces 5 letters LOSES
Family member 4 letters MAMA
Like eclairs 4 letters ICED
Have to have 4 letters NEED
Heartless 4 letters MEAN
Stab of pain 4 letters PANG
Close 4 letters NEAR
Harbor bird 4 letters TERN
Dental deg. 3 letters DDS

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