Metro Crossword February 22 2021 Answers

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Metro Crossword February 22 2021 Answers:

Scale divisions: abbr. 3 letters LBS
Ancient Peruvians 5 letters INCAS
__ around; twirled 4 letters SPUN
Boxing match 4 letters BOUT
Mary Tyler __ 5 letters MOORE
Garment for Julius Caesar 4 letters TOGA
Partner in war 4 letters ALLY
Came __; arrived on time 10 letters PUNCTUALLY
Come one come __! 3 letters ALL
Hoodlums 5 letters PUNKS
Tricky tactics 5 letters PLOYS
Wee __; very early morning 5 letters HOURS
Coretta’s monogram 3 letters CSK
Fold line 6 letters CREASE
Company 6 letters GUESTS
Reluctant 5 letters LOATH
Say hello to 5 letters GREET
Grown-__; big people 3 letters UPS
Does sums 4 letters ADDS
Wanders 5 letters ROAMS
Leave out 4 letters OMIT
Billy __ Williams 3 letters DEE
Daytime serials 5 letters SOAPS
Zodiac sign 5 letters LIBRA
Most abnormal 6 letters ODDEST
Paleness 6 letters PALLOR
Actress Arden 3 letters EVE
Secretariat or Seabiscuit 5 letters HORSE
Sudden & sharp as pain 5 letters ACUTE
Smooth and shiny 5 letters SLEEK
Rather for one 3 letters DAN
Simple gymnastic maneuver 10 letters SOMERSAULT
Nation in Africa 4 letters TOGO
Heidi setting 4 letters ALPS
Run __; chase 5 letters AFTER
Had debts 4 letters OWED
TV’s Empty __ 4 letters NEST
Itty-bitty 5 letters TEENY
Plus 3 letters AND
Lounge about 4 letters LOLL
Stupidly stubborn 10 letters BULLHEADED
Pig’s digs 3 letters STY
Contaminated 6 letters IMPURE
Subjects of sentences 5 letters NOUNS
__ out; fall asleep 4 letters CONK
Forms a curved line 4 letters ARCS
Salon offering 3 letters SET
Pieces of celery 6 letters STALKS
Explorer Marco 4 letters POLO
Hideous 4 letters UGLY
Certain votes 4 letters NAYS
Pasture cry 3 letters BAA
Rattled 5 letters UPSET
Shove 4 letters PUSH
Quaker product 4 letters OATS
Gives an actor a signal 4 letters CUES
Clothed 4 letters CLAD
Cowboy competition 5 letters RODEO
Emeralds & sapphires 4 letters GEMS
Ramshackle; dilapidated 10 letters TUMBLEDOWN
VP Agnew 5 letters SPIRO
Farm animal 4 letters GOAT
Lil Wayne’s music 3 letters RAP
When You Wish Upon a __ 4 letters STAR
Late Kennedy matriarch 4 letters ROSE
Kinkade’s paintings 4 letters OILS
Lop off 5 letters SEVER
Word attached to sky or meadow 4 letters LARK
Hate 6 letters DETEST
Wordsworth’s specialty 6 letters POETRY
Keller or Reddy 5 letters HELEN
As wise __ owl 4 letters ASAN
Old King __ was a merry old soulÉ 4 letters COLE
Foul callers 4 letters UMPS
Not in danger 4 letters SAFE
Stringed instrument 4 letters LUTE
Past one’s prime 4 letters AGED
Silent assent 3 letters NOD
Weekend opener: abbr. 3 letters SAT
__ tee; precisely 3 letters TOA

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