Metro Crossword December 9 2022 Answers

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Metro Crossword December 9 2022 Answers:

Baseball’s Babe 4 letters RUTH
Yanks’ Civil War foes 4 letters REBS
Malt shop order 4 letters SODA
Fibromyalgia symptoms 5 letters ACHES
Once more 4 letters ANEW
__ the line; obeyed 4 letters TOED
The spirit is willing but the __ is weak 5 letters FLESH
Fined 9 letters PENALIZED
Tobacco smoke component 3 letters TAR
What Kind of Fool __? 3 letters AMI
Company shunners 6 letters LONERS
Relocated 5 letters MOVED
Fail to keep up 3 letters LAG
Bricklayer’s tool 6 letters TROWEL
Small shapely tree 6 letters BONSAI
Mother’s Day gift 5 letters ROSES
Exhibitions 5 letters SHOWS
Most hurricane-prone state: abbr. 3 letters FLA
Chows down 4 letters EATS
Twirls 5 letters SPINS
Begin to wake up 4 letters STIR
Pitcher’s stat 3 letters ERA
Not hygienic 5 letters GERMY
Columbo’s title: abbr. 5 letters LIEUT
Like a clear night sky 6 letters STARRY
Gives new guns to 6 letters REARMS
Wow! 3 letters GEE
Becomes frothy 5 letters FOAMS
Bug barrier 6 letters SCREEN
Shoo-__; sure winners 3 letters INS
Actor Holbrook 3 letters HAL
Abundant 9 letters PLENTIFUL
Eliminate errors 5 letters ERASE
Petunia to Harry Potter 4 letters AUNT
Reason to study 4 letters TEST
Sofa 5 letters DIVAN
National League team 4 letters METS
Slangy reply 4 letters YEAH
South __ 4 letters BEND
River transport 4 letters RAFT
West Coast univ. 4 letters UCLA
Heat regulator 10 letters THERMOSTAT
For __ a jolly goodÉ 3 letters HES
Fast 5 letters RAPID
90 degrees from NNW 3 letters ENE
Dancer Vereen 3 letters BEN
Songbirds 8 letters SWALLOWS
Beekeeper’s risks 6 letters STINGS
Flow out slowly 4 letters OOZE
The __ Hunter; De Niro film 4 letters DEER
__ up; totals 4 letters ADDS
Uses a Gillette 6 letters SHAVES
Cash advances 5 letters LOANS
Man’s nickname 3 letters MEL
Is in the red 4 letters OWES
Poplar or maple 4 letters TREE
Lion cries 5 letters ROARS
Way too thin 4 letters BONY
Brut or Old Spice 10 letters AFTERSHAVE
Pelvic bone 5 letters ILIUM
Nimble 4 letters SPRY
That guy 3 letters HIM
__ and crafts 4 letters ARTS
Calmness 8 letters SERENITY
Thailand once 4 letters SIAM
Say hello to 5 letters GREET
Rented long-term 6 letters LEASED
Safeco employees 6 letters AGENTS
DeSantis or Paul 3 letters RON
Launderer’s target 5 letters FILTH
Unwanted email 4 letters SPAM
Helpful hint 4 letters CLUE
Torn apart 4 letters RENT
As straight __ arrow 4 letters ASAN
Give temporarily 4 letters LEND
Charge 3 letters FEE
Nation most googled: abbr. 3 letters USA
Bone in a cage 3 letters RIB

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