Metro Crossword August 6 2022 Answers

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Metro Crossword August 6 2022 Answers:

Discourteous 4 letters RUDE
Go rollerblading 5 letters SKATE
Injure with a dagger 4 letters STAB
Sandwich cookie 4 letters OREO
Uncanny 5 letters EERIE
Toothpaste container 4 letters TUBE
As strong __ ox 4 letters ASAN
Extraordinary 10 letters REMARKABLE
June honoree 3 letters DAD
Head toppers 4 letters CAPS
Staircase piece 5 letters RISER
Gathers crops 5 letters REAPS
Felon 3 letters CON
Pilot an airplane 6 letters AVIATE
Many a Midwesterner 6 letters KANSAN
Britches 5 letters PANTS
Rub enough to make sore 5 letters CHAFE
Runner Sebastian 3 letters COE
Breakfast fare 4 letters EGGS
Layered rock 5 letters SHALE
Grand __; Pontiac of past decades 4 letters PRIX
Girl’s nickname 3 letters SUE
Embezzled 5 letters STOLE
Ascended 5 letters AROSE
Before today in poetry 6 letters ERENOW
Spheres of the world 6 letters GLOBES
Hors d’oeuvres table bowlful 3 letters DIP
Mea __ 5 letters CULPA
Undress 5 letters STRIP
__ on; victimize 4 letters PREY
Small number 3 letters TWO
Surgical center schedulings 10 letters PROCEDURES
Strove for the trophy 4 letters VIED
Compass direction 4 letters EAST
Bumbling 5 letters INEPT
Frosted 4 letters ICED
Prepares Easter eggs 4 letters DYES
Sulks 5 letters MOPES
__ out; invites for a date 4 letters ASKS
__ to Rio; Crosby/Hope film 4 letters ROAD
__ Major; Big Dipper constellation 4 letters URSA
Exact look-alike 10 letters DEADRINGER
Geologic period 3 letters EON
Colorful shawl 6 letters SERAPE
Hangs on to 5 letters KEEPS
Up in __; irate 4 letters ARMS
Ministroke for short 3 letters TIA
Suffix for racket or musket 3 letters EER
Laundry problems 6 letters STAINS
Vats 4 letters TUBS
Suffix for respect or adapt 4 letters ABLE
Cold one 4 letters BEER
Denmark’s dollar 5 letters KRONE
Hit Broadway musical 4 letters CATS
Polishes off 4 letters EATS
Lunch spot 4 letters CAFE
Jungle beasts 4 letters APES
Unclear; imprecise 5 letters VAGUE
Curly cabbage 4 letters KALE
Gymnast’s specialty 10 letters ACROBATICS
Disturbing sound 5 letters NOISE
Soldier’s meal 4 letters CHOW
Actor Holbrook 3 letters HAL
Former loves 4 letters EXES
Word in a red octagon 4 letters STOP
Item on stage 4 letters PROP
Take potshots 5 letters SNIPE
Actress Sheedy 4 letters ALLY
Royal commands 6 letters EDICTS
Company 6 letters GUESTS
Thin pancake 5 letters CREPE
Drove fast 4 letters SPED
Waiter’s item 4 letters TRAY
Popular flower 4 letters ROSE
Abbr. in some high school names 4 letters PREP
Period of time 4 letters WEEK
Chances 4 letters ODDS
Poorly lit 3 letters DIM
Family card game 3 letters UNO
Traveling by way of 3 letters VIA

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