Metro Crossword August 5 2022 Answers

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Metro Crossword August 5 2022 Answers:

Insincerely smooth 4 letters GLIB
Acapulco wives: abbr. 4 letters SRAS
Ovaltine directions verb 4 letters STIR
Angered 5 letters RILED
20th-century U.S. president 4 letters TAFT
Game of chance 4 letters KENO
Do-nothing 5 letters IDLER
Lens crafters 9 letters OPTICIANS
Taro root paste 3 letters POI
Word attached to phones or rings 3 letters EAR
Weak as an excuse 6 letters FLIMSY
Flatterer 5 letters TOADY
Sign of an approaching shark 3 letters FIN
Large scissors 6 letters SHEARS
End-to-end measure 6 letters LENGTH
Linger 5 letters TARRY
__ My Way; film for Bing 5 letters GOING
Squabble 3 letters ROW
Gabor’s namesakes 4 letters EVAS
Gets an F 5 letters FAILS
Slushy mud 4 letters MIRE
Gathered together 3 letters MET
__ as a goose 5 letters SILLY
Stop for a second 5 letters PAUSE
Settle snugly 6 letters NESTLE
Applied a first coat of paint 6 letters PRIMED
Hit a tennis ball high 3 letters LOB
Winner 5 letters CHAMP
High blood pressure risk 6 letters STROKE
Strike 3 letters HIT
Stylish 3 letters HIP
Work well with others 9 letters COOPERATE
Make joyous 5 letters ELATE
Suffix for suit or break 4 letters ABLE
Connections 4 letters TIES
Thickheaded 5 letters DENSE
Golfer’s pocketful 4 letters TEES
Bench board 4 letters SLAT
Asterisk 4 letters STAR
Get a __!; cry to the hysterical 4 letters GRIP
Venetian beach resort 4 letters LIDO
Unable to read & write 10 letters ILLITERATE
Flying insect 3 letters BEE
Bedtime request 5 letters STORY
Snoop Dogg’s music 3 letters RAP
Toward the back of a plane 3 letters AFT
Becomes rigid 8 letters STIFFENS
Alpine __; Olympics sport 6 letters SKIING
Browns or Reds 4 letters TEAM
Hotels 4 letters INNS
Promising as the future 4 letters ROSY
Gloomy 6 letters DREARY
Hold on tightly 5 letters CLING
Billboards 3 letters ADS
Crew members’ needs 4 letters OARS
Bud support 4 letters STEM
Refuge 5 letters HAVEN
Mrs. Herman Munster 4 letters LILY
Rejoicing in victory 10 letters TRIUMPHANT
Cowboy’s transport 5 letters HORSE
Actress Storm 4 letters GALE
Eliminate a squeak 3 letters OIL
Dandelion or crabgrass 4 letters WEED
Hazelnuts 8 letters FILBERTS
Injure 4 letters MAIM
Tend a fireplace 5 letters STOKE
Chattered 6 letters PRATED
Skier’s surfaces 6 letters SLOPES
Greek letter 3 letters PHI
Bosom 5 letters CHEST
Shoo! 4 letters SCAT
Who Wants __ a Millionaire 4 letters TOBE
Part in a movie 4 letters ROLE
__ Wonderful Life 4 letters ITSA
One’s equal 4 letters PEER
Have a bug 3 letters AIL
Word attached to cup or spoon 3 letters TEA
French article 3 letters LES

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